September 2 2014

styledotcom Would you let your kids draw on your @Versace wedding gown? Angelina did. Commence: awws.

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phoenix house reminds us that drug addiction isn’t just for celebrities


From Amy Winehouse to Lindsay, Britney, and Dr. Drew Pinsky’s rehab fishbowl, the trauma of addiction is reaching ever higher heights of celebrity spectacle. Where will the line be drawn? Last night, figures from fashion and music gathered at Theory on Gansevoort Street to celebrate the publication of Words That Free Us: Voices of Recovery, a collection of writings by ordinary people who kicked addiction with the aid of Phoenix House, the country’s largest nonprofit substance abuse organization. “When someone doesn’t have money and they go out of their way to get drugs, that’s a bigger addiction, because they don’t have the money to afford it,” said Wyclef Jean, who hosted the event. Marcus Wainwright and David Neville of Rag & Bone made an appearance, as did Philip Crangi, Doo-Ri Chung, and Burberry CEO Rose Marie Bravo, among others. Was it just us, or were guests swilling noticeably fewer cocktails than usual? “Now is a good time to either go to rehab or pick up a few different vices,” said Alex Galan of the menswear design collective Loden Dager. With Peter Som, conversation turned to VH1′s Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew show. “I’m kind of a reality-TV whore,” he said. “But that’s something I can’t watch. I’d rather have Nate Berkus”—Oprah Winfrey’s reigning interior-makeover guru—”come redecorate my house.”

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  1. galvan2819 says:

    I agree that celebrities are showing more drug addiction then before, and I think it’s good for them to speak iout and maybe even talk about their experience from starting their addiction to how they got help. Many people who are already addicted to some sort of drug could maybe be inspired by the celebrities and do better for themselves, just becasue I have noticed that people in general focus more on celebrities status the other things that are happening around the world. I am glad that they’re a lot of supporters out there to help and improve the world

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