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paris fashion week: speed, car crashes, and really big sunglasses


Sunglasses will be key for Spring. Particularly the statement variety. Weren’t expecting that, were you? Still, the Hussein Chalayan variety may well grab your attention. While everyone else is sizing down, Chalayan, via jewelry designer Scott Wilson, whom he’s collaborated with, is going bigger and better than ever. The fluorescent yellow, bright blue, and patent white shades in Wednesday’s show, cut straight across the face and either slatted or punctured with holes, looked like a cross between optician’s prescribing glasses (the large goggle-y type) and something out of The Jetsons. As is often the case with anything to do with Chalayan, the explanation Wilson gave us after the show veered toward the abstract. “The idea was to create something which gave reference to sunglasses without being real sunglasses,” he texted from his birthday party. Puzzled, we turned to the show’s stylist for more clues. “It was all about speed and car crashes,” he explained.

—Gudrun Willcocks

Photo: Don Ashby & Olivier Claisse

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