August 20 2014

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style, meet comfort


THWACK. That’s the sound of a model stumbling to the runway, felled by her gorgeous, treacherous shoes. What with all the catwalk tumbles going on this season, it seems reasonable that women with an ardor for those cantilevered, platformed, mile-high beauties at Prada, Rodarte, and elsewhere look at the shoes in one of two ways: as extreme sporting equipment or closet decor. But when it comes to shopping for the kind of footwear that’s meant to be, you know, worn, they ought to take a gander at new label Rae Jones. Currently available at the Postmistress, Labour of Love, and Mimi boutiques in London, the U.K.-based footwear brand designed by Rachel Jones is premised on wearability. “I wanted to make shoes that were distinctive and elegant,” Jones explains, “but still accessible, in terms of being things you could wear every day. And not too trendy or overdesigned, so there’s a longevity to each style.” Jones’ debut collection is comprised of four core ranges—a group of flats, a group of flat boots, a group of mid-height heels, and a group of higher evening styles—and thus far, the designer says the response to two particular shoes has proved overwhelming. “The low-heel T-bar style and the flat riding boots have been doing exceptionally well,” she notes. Somewhere, a podiatrist is smiling.



  1. ShoeMeThis says:

    Well said! I think there should be more shoes that are both glamorous and easy to walk in. After all, if models can’t even navigate a catwalk in heels then how are we mere mortals supposed to as well. But while I want function, I still crave fashion. These Rae Jones shoes are a bit dreary for my style. I’ve seen many attractive flats and kitten heels on Endless and Zappos which will be great for the office.

  2. RichSFHP says:

    I’d second the above point…heels are clearly not always the best idea and I think these little numbers are fairly cute.

    Maybe a pair of socks would make them a bit more exciting?

    Rich : )

  3. pgalvan28 says:

    It’s about time that someone comes out with more different style for cute comfortable she, that’s if it’s flat or small heel. I do agree with trying to design she’s that are wearable but you can’t say those Prada shoes are not the most magnificent shoes you’ve seen. If I had the money to buy them I would defiantly have them in my closet

  4. cbell says:

    I’ve got some of these beauties and they certainly tick both my comfort and style boxes. I too crave fashion, but of the wearble timeless sort. Thanks Rae jones, I’ll be coming back for more.

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