August 28 2014

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Nina Stotler makes her living as a trend-spotter—i.e., she’s one of those people whose radar is pitched so far ahead of the style dial that she occupies her own frequency. Busy as she is reporting from fashion’s future, however, Stotler’s latest dispatch concerns a must-have of her own making. Last week, Stotler relaunched her jewelry line, Von Kottwitz, and anyone who’s been sensing a yearning in the zeitgeist for a return to first principles and simple pleasures—the nuts and bolts of life, as it were—should check out the new Von Kottwitz Industry collection. “Most of the pieces are centered around hardware,” Stotler explains of her pleasingly substantial Bauhaus-esque necklaces, which mix coated zinc and bronze nuts and bolts with snake chain and crystal. “For me, the hardware works as a signifier of machinery and metalcraft,” she adds. “And of a rough functionality—that feels increasingly relevant as the world becomes more virtual and unstable.” For the record, Stotler has been conceiving the pieces in the Industry collection for at least a few months, and she got interested in industrial materials as a sculpture student at Sarah Lawrence. Which is to say, titans of Wall Street: Nina Stotler saw this coming. Maybe bankers should be subscribing to style trend reports.

Photo: Courtesy of Nina Stotler

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