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urban futurism at seoul fashion week


Korean women are hardly the only ones with crushes on Carrie Bradshaw, her crew, and the city that nurtures them, but the designers at Seoul fashion week are uniquely adept at combining sexy cuts with innovative artistic visions of the city. In Vack Yuun Zung’s theatrical, futuristic runway show, inspired by the Chinese sci-fi film 2048, the show began with an intense display of abstract graphics before a brigade of multiethnic models presented cross-cultural combinations of strikingly urban harem pants, little black dresses, kimono drapery, and Korean lettering. For Ha:RTOCRYON, Korean designer Soojeong Leem clothed contemporary flaneurs in attire inspired by secret spots around Seoul. Even more arresting were the sunset-hued city spaces Dutch designers Brigitte Hendrix and Jolanda van den Broek printed on the calves of leggings, collars of fitted iridescent blazers with peaked shoulder pads, all over dresses and tights. The inspiration behind their appropriately named label, …And Beyond, is more Philip K. Dick than chick lit.

Photo: Mark Dvorak-Little