August 23 2014

styledotcom Three questions for a powerhouse player in Brazil's fashion scene:

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And The Winner Is… Narciso!


Yes, it was truly an historic night as the First Family-Elect took to the stage at Grant Park all dressed in red-and-black. After several campaign appearances in Thakoon, Michelle Obama chose yet another talented American, Narciso Rodriguez, wearing a dress from Spring 09.

We’re not sure this is what her husband meant by “change,” but for style watchers—not to mention anxious retailers—it will be refreshing to have a First Lady with a progressive sense of fashion.

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images



  1. rjwanta says:

    nasty…truly nasty…I’ve never seen anyone look so happy in something so unflattering…her hips and bosom look like the red states — just buldging in the middle of our country.

  2. XPolygamistWife says:

    I’m not nuts about the dress but I’m nuts about Michelle, and I’m BANKING ON HEAVEN that President Barack Obama will clean up the Taliban in Arizona.


  3. theoutsider says:

    C’mon! She looked beautiful!Maybe in a larger way that just kind of transcended fashion, for a moment?

  4. abegurko says:

    that dress was sooo not flattering…or prettty.

  5. neoprep says:

    a new dawn for fashion in American politics?
    great to see a smart and attractive woman making a bold and beautiful statement. this choice clearly mirrors her husband’s fresh approach and ushers in an era of fashion more connected with contemporary tastes rather than the cliched garb of the typical political wife. CHANGE in President, CHANGE in fashion. Its all good.

  6. blk says:

    love her but don’t love the dress… but I am looking forward to reviewing her look each an every wonderful day that her family is in office -YAY OBAMA & FAMILY!!!

  7. Justati says:

    I like the dress. I love MIchelle. She didn’t play safe and I appreciated it. It’s time for a change! Do u know what’s truly nasty? How someone can be so judgmental about a great first lady’s fashion choice in a such important day for the USA.

  8. Briana_R says:

    Wow, Michelle looks amazing! Other comments about her hips and the unflattering cut of this dress are in my opinion, way off base. I agree with neoprep that her fashion choices are a refreshing change away from stuffy first lady outfit cliche’s. Michelle looks progressive, fashion forward, and hell yes she looks happy – don’t think it had much to do with her outfit or her hips, either.

  9. georginacookie says:

    she looks bold and modern and beautiful………what do you want her to wear, cliched silk dupioni suits ! please Michelle keep up your refreshing choices.

  10. prabal says:

    I think this is a step in the right direction. A new first lady who chooses and believes in new american designers who are talented versus old school designers like Oscar de la renta ( who btw is a republican and cind mccain’s designer du jour ) or even Ralph Lauren.
    She is someone who is truly progressive and whether the dress is flattering is not is not the question.
    She is willing to take the risk and she should continue it. Out with the old designers in with the new..

  11. yoliebell says:

    who is anybody trying to kid here!!!! that dress was ugly…..not at all flattering………please get this woman a stylist………i can’t believe someone let her on stage……..y.r.

  12. pumtash says:

    What were those red blobs on Michere Obama;s dress spposed to be? She is such a beautiful woman but that dress was the worst!

  13. sashas says:

    When is Michelle Obama getting her Vogue cover?

  14. sashas says:

    We all want it to be soon for Michelle Obama to get her Vogue cover.

  15. missyhelly says:

    I like the dress very much. I think it’s just her body type doesn’t suit the dress. Maybe if she lost the cardigan, but it was not that warm last night. I love her regardless.

  16. becks122 says:

    i agree that this dress isn’t the best for body (or perhaps anyone’s), but i do think it’s fantastic that she is wearing modern designs as opposed to typical skirt suits and shift dreses. And of course, she ALWAYS LOOKS STUNNING no matter what she wears!

  17. g1124 says:

    What the *&%$# was she thinking?? She looked like a big black widow spider!! I found the red spots so distracting, but I wish her all the best in her role as first lady. Michelle, throw that dress in the yes we “CAN!!”

  18. andreverde says:

    as simple as it was, like every narciso design is, I trully believe the dress wore her… I loved the choice! but she should’ve done something else to have her stand out more than her gorgeous dress…
    Hurray Obama!!! >_<

  19. addiann says:

    Love the woman. Terrible dress.

  20. glam85 says:

    this dress is awful…

  21. clozano says:

    I commend her for her style, not that is extremely important to begin with on this night. But the way I see it is that she enjoyed the design but did not want to disrespect her husband by wearing the dress too tight in front of 240,000 people, so she chose a bigger size. Good for her for not disrespecting her husband by exhibiting her curves for all other men to admire.

  22. Nigelific says:

    This was the most hideous dress I have ever seen. Aside from the fact that it was not flattering, the design is just plain awful. No matter the size of the person or body type, this dress would still be ill-fitting. The cardigan on top of it all did not help either. I think she should have either ditched it, or gone with something that was either A)not black, or B)longer. The whole look to me was not at all fashionable, more of a disaster!

  23. prettyivy08 says:

    I LOVED the dress!!!! I think she looked GREAT. The band accentuated her small waist and gave her hips that “POW” that only curvaceous women can be proud of. When she came out I was like “Dang…that dress is blazin’”

  24. mamakudos says:

    Not cute at all.

  25. aweigelt says:

    Beautiful woman but could have found a better dress. Who’s styling her? Eventually, that person should be replaced. The dress should not detract from the woman.

  26. midnightcoco says:

    Gorgeous! The dress is a perfect choice: bold, beautiful, a breath of fresh air. Definitely the coolest First Lady dress in history.

  27. dweej says:

    The dress is just not flattering. I want to love her look, but I just can’t! The red is in all the wrong places. It adds 20 pounds. And then she put on that cardigan…..a travesty.

  28. Italia6Bella says:

    absolutely hideous!! there was nothing classy or stylish about that dress!!!

  29. aishahood says:

    what you wear from now on will be envyed by many women, great look first lady

  30. silk_toolbox says:

    WOW,CAN’T YOU NEGATIVE NELLIE’S just me happy that our new 1st lady makes fresh new exiciting fashion choices. As far as rjwanta’s comment leave her figure out of it,have you forgotten about BUTCH MRS. Clinton, or those stick in the mud dress the Bush ladies wore & there hips.MRS OBAMA THX!!!!

  31. mssrussia says:

    progressive? very!
    flaterring? not really!

  32. WordRider says:

    Our New First Lady Michelle Obama looks excellent.Congratulations Michelle!!!!

  33. Lighthouse says:

    I’ve thought that she looked great. It’s refreshing. Well-done.

  34. castrofortunato says:

    Michelle rings in a new era for the matriach of the nation. No more are the days of prim wallflowers with little white gloves. a modern woman, powerful aggresive… and a bit erotic. Whats behind those hip hugging satin bandages? Thats for our new Commander in Chief to find out.

  35. EmmanuelleS says:

    Look at the dress as worn by Irina Kulikova on the runway. If it doesn’t look good on a model in the show, it won’t look good on anyone. Have always liked her choices of outfits. This time, good choice of designer, poor choice of dress. Anyway, what really matters is that she is now about to be our First Lady. And what matters more is that Obama is going to be our next President.

  36. galvan2819 says:

    Yes this dress isn’t that amazing but you have to give her some effort for trying! She does a good job pulling it off.

  37. Anne1117 says:

    The dress Michelle wore Tuesday night was ugly. When she walked out my first thought was it looked like two big red ink blotches. Also, there is no way she could ever looked like Jackie Kennedy. I guess she now is really happy to be an American. I certainly hope so.

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