August 31 2014

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blasblog: bear witness to history with champagne (or beer)


It’s hard to believe that in less than 48 hours (voting booth shenanigans notwithstanding), we will know the name of the new president headed to the White House. And for many of us in the creative arts, it’s hard to accept any type of big change—be it seasonal or artistic—without some sort of organized celebration, preferably with complimentary canapés and alcoholic beverages. (If you’ve ever been to a boozy gallery opening or a late-night fashion party, you know what I’m talking about here.) Perhaps that’s why I stumbled upon nearly half a dozen election-night viewing parties this week—thrown by all sorts of people and in all sorts of locations. For downtowners, Chrissie Miller, designer of the label Sophomore and queen of the hipster Lit Lounge set, will be distributing beer and ribs from her Second Avenue apartment. In the uptown professionals category, Harvey Weinstein and Jim Nelson are hosting a casual-attire shindig at Public House on 41st Street. On the Lower East Side, Simon Hammerstein and his cabaret cronies are hosting a ‘do at The Box. (The typically scandalous venue has actually gotten very political of late, even hosting debate parties and Obama fundraisers in the weeks leading to tomorrow night’s election.) And in the West Village, art worlders Gavin Brown and Jonathan Horowitz are offering “Obama family chili,” veggie burgers, and hot dogs to anyone wanting to see, presumably, the Democratic hopeful take the big ticket. “It’s actually one of the few things that have linked our generations,” Miller said about the anticipation leading to the election. “And it’s been nice to see more people of my age get involved, and really trying to get Obama into the office.” Turns out, in these parts, there’s lots of Obama talk. The designer Tracy Reese, who is hosting her own election-night party tomorrow, is going as far as calling her fête a Barack party. Asked about her different plans for an Obama victory and for a loss, she responded: “We will toast our future president and this incredible history-making occasion. And I don’t even want to think about the other option!”



  1. galvan2819 says:

    I am glad to say that Barack Obama is our new president, You have to celebrate this night it’s, especially because I think from now on our country will be lead to do better and stronger, I have much hope in Obamas plans for the future , why not celebrate such a historical part of our lives

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