August 29 2014

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Blasblog from Rio: The Brazilian Way 101


Let’s be honest: There’s only so much you can do with a bikini. Heck, Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent could both rise from the grave and do a swimwear collaboration, and while it would no doubt be amazing and they’d be on eBay the next day for a million dollars, they’d still just be bathing suits.

Maybe that’s why live music proved so prominent at the Claro Rio Summer shows. Carlos Miele showcased an inspiring performance from the band AfroReggae (pictured here) with local legends José Junior and Anderson Sa making special appearances. At the Adriana Degreas show on the veranda of the Copacabana Palace, the very popular Bebel Gilberto took to the stage to croon some Brazilian tunes. She even brought a rain stick. The daughter of João Gilberto, considered the father of bossa nova (so does that mean Bebel and the music style are, like, siblings?), Bebel provided the perfect soundtrack for Degreas’ designs, which were some of the most elegant suits I’ve seen yet. They’re so elegant, in fact, that they’re made to not go anywhere near the water. The Degreas client prefers to stay on the deck of her yacht, as per the press release. (I tried for an interview, but I needn’t bother until I “learn Portuguese,” as sings Bebel in one of her hits.) “We like to look at many things at once,” Carlos Souza told me after the show. “But also, music—especially this kind of music—is such a big part of our culture. That’s why this week is all we need: swimsuits, live music, beaches, and parties. The Brazilian way!” Hey, I’m not complaining.

Photo: Derek Blasberg

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