July 12 2014

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blasblog: jacquetta’s a model citizen (and she’s not even american)


Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all heard that Sarah Jessica Parker did her part for the democratic process on Friday, volunteering for a shift of phone-banking at an Obama outpost in Manhattan. But the next day, I joined a group of friends, including Starworks’ Lyle Maltz, seen here on North Iron Street, and drove to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania—one of the election’s key states due to its swing status. We were visiting supermodel Jacquetta Wheeler, who has been in the sleepy valley town now for two weeks as a volunteer for the Obama campaign. We quickly found that it’s an intense project for the lanky British lass, who has been mixing photo shoots with faraway adventures for some time. (She spent the first three months of this year traveling solo in Central Asia with nothing but her camera.) Staying in the spare room of a fellow Obama supporter, Wheeler is often up at 8:00 a.m. and not back to bed till the wee hours. On Friday night, while many were staying up late for Halloween, she and some other die hard Dems were up until 3 a.m. inputting data, printing maps, and compiling canvass packets. “I figured since I’m not an American citizen and I can’t vote, this is the least I can do,”Wheeler said, adding that she’s often been stationed at the local University of Bloomsburg, trying to convince college students to actually make it to the polls tomorrow. “And this is truly the most important election so far in my lifetime. And it’s been so exciting being involved with such a historic moment.” After we went through a brief training session, the former face of Gucci led us on a canvassing trip through the town to urge Obama supporters to get out and vote on Tuesday. (Complacency is one of the threats to Obama’s predicted victory.) Wheeler has been keeping an online journal of her Pennsylvanian adventures; to read more, go to



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