August 30 2014

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Blasblog: More Hot, Albeit Paler, Bodies Now Hitting Rio Beaches


To the untrained ear it could have been any old mother hollering at an overactive child. But that coquettish voice was familiar, and I vaguely recognized the name Lucas Portman. Turn the corner, and what do I find? An impossibly blond and impossibly lovely (perhaps impossibly perfect?) family in the shape of Natalia Vodianova, her husband, Justin, and the three-child Portman brood. (Lucas is the eldest. He’ll be seven years old next month. That’s daughter Neva on her hip and baby son Viktor in the pram.) They were heading to the beach, loaded with all the toys and goodies that the Hotel Fasano had stuffed into their corner suites. The Portman plan was quite simply sun and fun, of which they had gotten a preview the week before at the property on the Uruguay coast where they’ve been building a summer home. “I’m not going to lie,” Natalia teased over a giant coconut. “Traveling with these three—actually, four!—can be pretty tiring.” But oh, she makes it look so good. Soon joining us on the beach were the likes of Astrid Muñoz and Byrdie Bell, all in town for the Claro Rio Summer fashion festivities that start later tonight.

Photo: Derek Blasberg



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