August 22 2014

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Blasblog: Perego Slays Winehouse For Art’s Sake


On Friday night, Italian artist Marco Perego had just installed his installation The Only Good Rock Star Is a Dead Rock Star, and was fretting that the crowd at the Lower East Side’s Half Gallery was preventing viewers from getting the full effect of the bloodied and tattooed mannequin of troubled songstress Amy Winehouse in the corner. “Did you see William Burroughs over there?” Perego asked, parting the masses and pointing to the other part of the installation. It featured a sculpture of the Beat writer who famously (and accidentally?) put a bullet in the head of his wife during a drunken game of William Tell gone awry. “I hope everyone gets it. It’s funny, no?” said Perego. Asked what Winehouse herself might think of the tribute, the artist explained, “Who wouldn’t want to be included with Burroughs folklore?” Others were less concerned with Winehouse’s feelings at being faux dead. The tight squeeze in the gallery prompted Philip Seymour Hoffman to suggest that the Whole Foods across the park would have sufficient space, though clearly it had been a while since he had visited the ‘hood. “When the hell did the L.E.S. get that?” he asked.

Photo: Ryan McNamara