August 23 2014

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Blasblog: Bye-Bye Brazil and Hello Barack


Even though I did my part when it came to last week’s groundbreaking Democratic process back in America (I voted absentee from Missouri before I headed south, and even canvased for Barack in the swing state of Pennsylvania), I never anticipated that left-out feeling when it came to last week’s historical moment. It was like not being invited to Popular Johnny’s house party in school, times ten. At any rate, a few of us huddled together in the Hotel Fasano to watch the results, including Byrdie Bell, Natalia Vodianova, and Justin Portman—certainly not the most unattractive posse with whom to witness history. And as Rio went on, it turns out we weren’t the only ones excited about what happened on the other side of the equator, even if were weren’t there for it. Alice Dellal opened the 284 show in a shirt that read “Barack Rocks,” which, as the owner of the company, Luciana Tranchesi, told me, had been printed weeks ago (“We didn’t have any doubt,” she said). Also, in a scheduling coincidence, I bumped into the Maroon 5 boys on Saturday night. They too had been out of the country on the South American leg of their tour on election night. “We were bummed about that,” said lead singer Adam Levine (seen here with Bell and lead guitar James Valentine). “But then, it was kind of cool to be onstage when it was announced, and to be able to tell everyone in the stands.” Chimed in Valentine, “Now that was a historical moment for us.”

Photo: Derek Blasberg



  1. ronymuller says:

    It is no Luciano, is Eliana owner of Daslu

  2. talkingfashion says:

    Where can I get the Barack Rocks tees? Priscila Teixeira

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