August 20 2014

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September 14 was a big day for cancelled plans. Plans to retire early. Plans to buy a new car. Plans to go to work the following day…at Lehman Brothers. Plans to vote for John McCain. We’ve got to give kudos, then, to the folks at Revolve Clothing, for sticking to their guns. The fashion e-tailer is bucking the credit-card-slashing, carpooling, coupon-clipping tide of the economic meltdown by launching a new, more exclusive Web site. sells a well-curated mix of clothes by just off-the-radar designers like Roberta Furlanetto, Trasteverine, and London’s Future Classics, as well buzzy up-and-comers like Erin Fetherston and Jeremy Scott (pictured here). According to company creative director Cristy Turner, sales have been surprisingly strong since the site launched last weekend. “I think the service we’re providing is unique enough that we’re less affected than some other e-commerce sites,” Turner notes. “No one is doing what we’re doing, which is searching out new designers the way a small boutique would, and then presenting our buy in an editorial way.” She adds, “People who care about fashion are still out there and they’re going to gravitate to the site no matter what kind of economy we have.” Sounds like hope. We hear there’s a future in that.



  1. Lindja says:

    I find’s new sister site very well-edited and rather refreshing compared to questionable styling and bad photography. What they seem to lack however, placing them at worse position than other retailers of their kind, is their customer service. Every time I have placed an order on there has been a problem with the order: their inventory never seems to match what their site offers. Not only that, but when I have called, their representatives instead of informing me that an item is out of stock, or that at least is being located, have instead insisted that the item is going to ship on the day of the call. Three days later, the dreaded e-mail arrives in my inbox: An item in your order is out of stock.
    I have to fully agree with Ms. Turner, their service is unique…uniquely unreliable. In comparison to’s main competitors like (’s Boutique was introduced earlier and offers hard to find designers) and, not only are the former’s offerings not as exclusive, but they are coupled with the worse customer service I have encountered. and its sister site seem to forget that luxury shopping is not only about the brands or the styling (although they have not perfected this, alas), but the overall experience.

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