August 23 2014

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leggings get the designer treatment for spring


Do you enjoy the same things as Lindsay Lohan? By which we mean, do you share the actress’ scandalous taste for leggings? If so, you’re in luck (click for slideshow). The familiar silhouette was reinvented on the Spring runways in cutout patterns at A.F. Vandevorst and Rodarte, and in a flurry of slashes at Meadham Kirchhoff and Rad Hourani. Other designers went print-mad, with bold stripes, graphic patterns, and painterly florals all making appearances. “Leggings have gone to another level; they’re not just for casual wear,” said Adi Gil of Threeasfour. “We’ve used prints that will encourage the wearer’s self-confidence and consciousness of her body.” In other words, these statement-makers require a starlet’s fearlessness. Here’s the evidence.



Photo: Marcio Madeira




  1. rachelleigh822 says:

    i think that leggings are okay when they are solid but this season i think the designers have gone waayyy crazy to be putting patterns like these on the runnways

  2. CarmelJuliet says:

    I think people need to get out out of their shell, and have fun with fashion because it should never be taken too seriously. I absolutely love the pattern leggings and when done right it can make any outfit extremely interesting!!

  3. gerrygerrygerry says:

    OMG! pattern leggings are brilliant, it absolutely transforms a look. my friend wore ust a vintage plain oversized black vintage t shirt with cartoon leggings and a pair of converse, and she lookd really creative

  4. sway111 says:

    leggings are no longer attractive any more. Even wen they have patterns like these on them..

  5. sway111 says:

    leggings are no longer attractive any more. Even when they have patterns like these on them..

  6. moroni says:

    These are not just the average leggings…. If these outfits did not have these colorful printed leggings then these outfits would not be half as amazing without them, think about it?? It completes the look and its NEW they do not even give the same affect that normal solid color leggings do.

  7. lavern123 says:

    I really love those leggins. Where can the plus size girls buy them.

  8. numerocinq5 says:

    new designer are using them as well!

  9. Melonie81 says:

    I like the use of color I have some tattoo looking leggings that I wore there so hot ,I kinda wish I wasnt the only one around here that was brave enough to wear them..

  10. hrnorrod says:

    Leggings went out because they went dull. They came back with a bright, fresh and new look, so I think they’ll stay around. Of course I don’t think they are for all body types…of course they are soooo comfortable, so I say wear if you can add a little funk and a dash of surprise to make your own signature look with these seasons leggings. :o)

  11. Cerrah says:

    I love it! Alot of the patterns give the outfit more character in a simple way! I think its a great way to dress up and make the outfit work together as a piece. Literally from head to toe!

  12. SophieMay88 says:

    I think this article is great, fashion should never be boring and companies like have already started picking up on this trends. I love when people are creative with what they wear it gives the rest of us plenty of ideas!

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