August 29 2014

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Leibovitz On “Work” From O.J. to Fey


“In the beginning photography helped me to socialize,” confessed Annie Leibovitz last night in Los Angeles, narrating her way through a 60-minute slideshow presentation of her latest book, titled At Work, which went on sale this week. The 240-page volume is a career retrospective of sorts, including her discovery of the métier (with a Minolta in tow during her college days in San Francisco) and her tenure at Rolling Stone magazine while attempting to work alongside Hunter S. Thompson. (“I was in love with him,” she admits. “But then again, so was everyone.”) Eager listeners at the event co-hosted by Book Soup also lapped up revelations of the famed photographer taking mescaline with Thompson at Richard Nixon’s resignation party. For the crowd within the Skirball Cultural Center auditorium, Leibovitz could do no wrong as she divulged details on her portraiture, advertising, conceptual work to date, and three subjects that rank as career standouts: O.J Simpson, Queen Elizabeth, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Afterward, the photographer signed books for the awe-inspired guests. In the midst of the onslaught, she shared a little about her current projects. “I’m finishing up an actor/director portfolio for Vanity Fair and I can’t really say too much,” she said. “But we’ve just done something very different with Tina Fey.” The photographer didn’t hesitate to add praise for the 30 Rock star: “She’s extraordinary! I mean, I really do fall at her feet.”

Photo: Linlee Allen

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