August 21 2014

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Linda Inspires Arad’s New Bag. Plus: Kanye Wants An Internship!


It bag addicts and contemporary art mavens take note: The Flashbag has arrived. The first prototype, a collaboration between architect/sculptor/artist Ron Arad and Notify jeans, touched down at last night’s opening of the Arad retrospective at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. (The show, which is sponsored by the denim label, runs through March 2009.) The ergonomic, elliptical shoulder bag has an indestructible polycarbon porthole and a long-life battery that lets it light up at the wearer’s discretion, making it possible to see the bag’s contents. “It’s a proto-concept,” explained Notify boss Maurice Ohayon, who noted that the first series of 12 (or possibly 24) would be ready in as little as three months, although details like materials, color, and price have yet to be defined. “It’s an evolving concept,” he said. “We found the name an hour ago.” The first bag’s owner is none other than Linda Evangelista, who first recommended that Ohayon contact the Israeli artist: “During our first conversation I said, ‘Ron, I want to carry one of your chairs on my shoulder,’ and I got it,” the supermodel explained. “I understood exactly what she meant,” added Arad, creator of the PizzaKobra lamp and the Bookworm shelf. Checking out the scene, Kanye West admitted to a weakness for fashion that dates back to kindergarten, as well as a possible fashion stint on the horizon. “What I really want is an internship at a house,” he said. In the meantime, he’s got a concert coming up on Thursday, so he’s spending his one vacation day in Paris doing what every fashion lover loves to do: shopping.

Photo: Stephane Feugere

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