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More About Last Night: Jack McCollough Thrilled About Shout-Out To The Gays


Despite the outdoor block party on Petrosino Square being closed down by the cops, election-night celebrations raged on south of Houston. Café Select was a veritable buzz, as was The Box, which hosted an after-party. “There was only going to be an after-party if it went our way,” said Box co-owner Simon Hammerstein. Proenza Schouler’s Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough were there, raising a glass. “I’m very, very, very excited,” said McCollough. “A shout-out to the gays?” he added. “I mean, never, ever, ever in an election or an acceptance speech has a President-elect said something like that. To hear that, for me personally, is so fantastic. Barack Obama is exceptional. Exceptional!” Revelers jammed the balcony area. “Tonight changed history,” said performance artist Paul D. Miller, a.k.a. DJ Spooky. “We now have a multicultural narrative that is about the rebuilding of a shattered dream.”



  1. XPolygamistWife says:

    What Obama gave, Mormons took away.

    Why do Mormons spend 20 million on Prop 8 and do NOTHING to stop polygamists in Utah who practice tyranny over women and children and receive tens of millions annually in taxpayer handouts?

    Watch the video:

    **It’s ironic that Prop 8 supporter Ahmanson has Tourette’s Syndrome, a common affliction among FLDS polygamists in Hildale, Utah.

    **There are 50-100,000 polygamists in Utah region.

    **Utah polygamists are moving into Texas, South Dakota, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, and New Mexico.

    **Nearly 200 countries support the United Nation’s ban on polygamy because of the human rights violation. Male to female birthrates are 50-50, globally.


  2. RonAguaLeche says:

    I’ve never been more proud to be an american. President Barack Obama, it’s like music to my ears. EVERYTHING is possible.

  3. 2 day diet says:

    More About Last Night: Jack McCollough Thrilled About Shout-Out To The Gays | style file | 2 day diet

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