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Trovata to Fill Conscious-Slogan Tee Vacancy


Now that the election is over, the big question is whether or not the civic-minded will have anything to wear. Did the golden era of the message tee pass into the history books the moment YES WE CAN became YES HE DID? Can a 12-point plan for healthcare reform be advocated on a piece of cotton? The situation looks dire. But fear not, kiddos. Trovata is jumping gamely into the breach. The brand was recently tapped by MTV to create the 10th Anniversary tee for its Staying Alive Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to HIV awareness and prevention. “Well, they reached out to us, and obviously we said yes,” explains designer John Whitledge of his foray into fundraising fashion. “And then the challenge was to come up with a message that worked for the MTV audience, but also translated easily.” He adds, “I mean, all the proceeds are going to a good cause, so clearly we want to sell as many T-shirts as possible.” The “Lovers Love Life” slogan tee by Trovata will be available at first as a limited-edition, sold exclusively by Urban Outfitters. To raise awareness of the awareness-raising campaign, the collaboration will be feted on November 20 at a sure to celeb-studded party in L.A. No word yet on whether the launch will be accompanied by a video—though, on second thought, thanks but no thanks.

Photo: Courtesy of Trovata

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