August 30 2014

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Uma Thurman Sheds Her Mask


A promise of debauchery lingered in the air at the Young Patrons of Lincoln Center’s fifth annual fall masquerade. Upon arrival, every guest was given a carnivalesque means of hiding their face. Later on, there were the Belvedere Jell-O shots. In the end, though, the only major breaches of decorum came from honoree Zac Posen and Uma Thurman, who breezed in a mere half-hour before the party ended.

Thurman, it must be said, looked stunningly svelte in a white Posen gown. During her presentation of the evening’s arts-education award to Posen, she shed some light on the designer’s upbringing: “He grew up in a Soho loft, where he was exposed to the creative process of his father, where dinner conversation centered on artistic endeavors, and where his older sister Alexandra would lead Zac, apparently, in elaborate dress-up dances,” she intoned, coyly lifting her mask to her face. “One can only imagine!”

On her way into the party, held at the Time Warner Center’s Allen Room, Gossip Girl‘s Nicole Fiscella revealed it was her first time at a masquerade ball. Not that she was ready to slap on any old mask, of course. “It has to be gold. That’s what my stylist said: If it’s not gold, don’t take it.” Subliminally, Posen may have been thinking the same thing. When he exited the stage, he accidentally left his award on the podium.




Photo: Jemal Countess/WireImage


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