August 29 2014

styledotcom .@KendallJenner on yesterday's name buzz: "I can't believe it's actually becoming a story."

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Araks On A Roll


We like to think that we agree with Sofia Coppola on multi- farious style fronts, one of which is an abiding love of Araks Yeramyan’s feminine, but never frou-frou, lingerie. Now, the blog-addicted among her chic little cult (does SJP have a blog jones?) can add the newish to their daily surf. On the airy (read: light on the copy) site, the designer posts anything that catches her eye—a Marc Quinn sculpture at the Venice Guggenheim, a doorway on Crosby Street, the pink elephant sculpture from the MoMa store picture here. For true obsessives, it does contain a few hints for her Fall 2009 collection, a tableau vivant presentation to be styled by Kate Young, that the designer says will cross the work of artist Kara Walker with classic French clown Pierrot.



  1. flofellis says:

    is it a big elephant sculpture or small elephant sculpture? If its a big elephant I’m not going.

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