August 23 2014

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Bare To There On The Spring Runways


While statement-making pants are big news for spring, some designers clearly feel that less is more. Peter Som’s peekaboo panties matched an otherwise conservative shirtdress, and the bottoms at Hermès were almost long enough to qualify as running shorts—almost. On other runways, models stalked out in glorified underwear and not much else (click for slideshow). A few adventurous It girls have taken this trend to the streets, or at least the short strip of sidewalk that separates town car from nightclub entrance. Our question to you: Would you be seen like this in public? Click here to get a leg up on the trend, then bare all below.




Photo: Marcio Madeira




  1. esteek says:

    They all look like they forgot to put their skirt on. Maybe for 15 year olds, if their parents let them. Not many women will, or can, go out in public with their panties.

  2. Jenava says:

    Don’t make me laugh!

  3. giselav says:

    No one is going to wear this because it does not even look good on the poor models who are probably not happy about being seen in them.

  4. Valerio says:

    To all of you who comment on this posting of my belove Romney. Didn’t you understand the ironic tone of her message? Read it over and you will understand what she’s saying. HAVE ALL A HAPPY NEW YEAR. Arriverderci amore mios.

  5. suzywuzy says:

    uuummmmm, no.

  6. nadakins says:

    I think these “panties” were simply designed to make a statement on the runways. They’re really cute, but I don’t think they’re for the street, nor should they be seen on any woman over the age of 30…

  7. markwoodworth says:

    Looks fine. They need only to be teamed up with a Star Trek (TOS) tunic or similar garment for mainstream acceptance.

  8. Valerio says:

    Everything what is showed at a fashion show is a statement, but anyway the pants or panties whatever you call it are fabulous for a hot summer night in LA. You’re right nadakins they arent meant for whatever street in NYC or in Alaska for certain reasons. But see how marvelous the designs are and the tailoring is fabulous. Thats the point not the question where can I wear these ‘shorts’ and giselav models love to wear designers clothes to the extreme and if they get enough money to wear whatever piece they will do it. A dreamworld but also a very hard world, thats fashion, just like in the real world you can buy people and influence others. For now have a Happy New Year. Be all happy, I only apologize for my bad English, because I’m Italian and try to write proper English, but sometimes it’s a mess with the grammar, sorry for that. All a Happy 2009

  9. Ferdinandandmiss says:

    i think that on the lean legs of models they look decent but i feel it is integral that the shorts aren’t plain colours as they may be mistaken for underwear. additionally these shorts give a chic comic book hero look like wonder woman

  10. Ferdinandandmiss says:

    also, garments on the torso should be quite fancy and stylish and not plain, to avoid looking like a slag. Strictly only to be worn on hot days as wearing that on a cold one would be seen as premiscuous

  11. flofellis says:

    grandma knee socks…oooohhh aaahhh. I think my right nipple got hard.

  12. Ferdinandandmiss says:

    i think it will take off as it is reminiscent of female superhero costumes, which deep down we all love. definitely what one would wear while walking along a beach.

  13. CynthiaEHayes says:

    I call this “HO” Chic. (Too reminiscent of prostitutes selling their wares.) I’d put a removable short skirt with this look.


  14. veronique18 says:

    “Maybe for 15 years old if their parents let them?”
    I doubt my parents would let me go out in these.. I don’t even know how to call them (I am 17).
    I have to admit that they look quite stylish paired with a chic top but the only place I would consider wearing them would be at a chic beach or pool party. Although the Hermes “shorts” were longer and could be worn in the city, on a hot summer day.

  15. sandrastokka says:

    I dont think i woud wear it, but if you have the comfident and the body the pull it of, I dont see whay not.

  16. Valerio says:

    Cynthia don’t you find your comment on this article of Romney a little rude or even humiliating for woman who loves to dress themself the way the model shows? Everyone has to dress themself the way they want. If you’re from the Midwest or from the East or West coast, we all love fashion and what we can wear is a decision of our own. What sandrastokka said is the truth if you have the confidence and the body the pull it on (sorry she said pull it off but meant it the other way around, I think) then wear it. Who are we to judge other people. Not even Anna W. can do that and she’s my favorite editor in chief and most powerfull in the American fashion industry.

  17. emeehan244 says:

    im pretty sure the designers dont want you to wear the underwear without the pants… maybe its just for you to see???

  18. janejane1187 says:

    Some of them almost look diaper-like, which is really unfortunate. But sans bagginess, it is a trend that some can pull off, with an appropriate event to wear them to. Personally, I will take the trend with a grain of salt and consider wearing the briefs in the context of a 1930′s-style swimsuit, and hit the beach.

  19. Laran7 says:

    Has anyone read “The Emperors New Clothes” or “Everything I’ve Needed to Know I learned in Kindergarten”.

  20. roxanaf says:

    For the beach, not the streets (unless you’re a streetwalker).

  21. Valerio says:

    To all of you this fashion style is always weareble. Not only on the beach but also in the streets of NYC at he nightclub or wherever. Okay this style wont hit the runway as the designers expected, but who cares? It’s a proper style and if you like it wear it. What amazed me the most is that some of you call it a streetwalker style, or the style of a prostitute, which is in my view the same. But I think you’re wrong, look to the fabrics, the details etc. and maybe you chance your mind, It’s fashion and it hasnt nothing to do with prostitutes or whoever.

  22. laurakincaid says:

    I would absolutely wear it, if I consume only carrot sticks and coffee from now until spring.

  23. Ewessli says:

    If I had a standing 4 inch gap between my thighs I would love to wear these. Their beautiful,fun and flirty. However they might be a good alternative if I can no longer afford to pay for pants in this economy

  24. watcha says:

    Well well well, Britney wore one last year’s summer – only one wants to look like her.

  25. glamzilla89 says:

    With a bod like that, Hell Yes!..You only live once! HAHA

  26. ArianneJ says:

    With the exception of Peter Som’s lovely sundress, where catching a glimpse of the matching bottoms is sexy and fun, I can’t see anyone outside of Hollywood celebrities and the like wearing any of these fashions, even for the beach. The fact that the designers (in most cases) choose to abbreviate the shorts to the height preferred by Land’s End swimwear designers does not help. Have you seen what this cut does to a non-model’s legs, even if she is in good shape? Ugh.

  27. sabrinanna says:

    according to revelation, muslims people will rule this world soon so westernian woman should dress like a muslims ,that will give them more grace, i do not like this style at all, it is disgraceful for woman kind !!sabrina

  28. sabrinanna says:

    i have another way to say no!! to this fashion ” if, all woman wants more sexual power over man, why not leather black dominatrics dress like Madonna’s ??
    sabrina the psychic

  29. devil_saints says:

    wow u noe wad hmm i tink u can spice it up with black sassy stockins…

  30. FashionFicMax says:

    I would wear them, but only in places like swimmingpools or at the beach.

  31. Valerio says:

    My dear Angie, I’m also a little bit irritated by the words of Sabrina, but the best way to respond on this or that kind of postings is ignore these. About the super short shorts, I’m very confused about it, first I though yes it’s meant for a pool or beach party or a hot summer night in NYC, but after some thinking there are only a few woman who really would or can wear these shorts. That has nothing to do with the older woman, or the shape of their body. My opinion is that only the celebs will wear these and that the average woman will chose a more decent style while walking in the streets of NYC or LA etc Thanks for you comment.

  32. diana_vero says:

    i definitly wear short shorts if they where made from geans material;) looks sexy:)

  33. Fashionesta18 says:

    I wouldn’t totally kick this trend to the curb. Its not like its something I haven’t seen before. It may not be what everyone is use to now, but eventually it will grow on some people. Some very fashion forward people, that is. I would don these short shorts at a resort or a club scene!

  34. Elcorin says:

    Hi, Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

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