August 21 2014

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Blasblog From Miami: Going Bananas With The Rubells


The Rubells are a very conceptual family. Don and Mera Rubell, who have been married for nearly half a century and have been collecting art for just as long, have established one of the most important galleries in America, and certainly the best in Miami. This morning their daughter Jennifer hosted a public breakfast to celebrate the family’s recent collaboration with Puma on 30 Americans, a group show of 31 African-American artists. (To celebrate the seminal show, Puma created a limited-edition bag with goodies designed and created by the artists.) And for a conceptual family like this one, that meant a pile of bananas (that’s them pictured above), a table full of various cereals, 16 coolers of milk (two percent, soy, and skim), and two dozen coffeemakers positioned on a back table. (It was a step up from last year’s table of hard-boiled eggs.) Between peels, the Rubells discussed the show’s importance. “If you would have told me one year ago that we would be looking forward to a black president, I would have called you a liar,” Mera Rubell said. “I still can’t believe it.” They also explained how tardiness made for this show’s perfect timing. “For the catalog we wanted to talk to the artists in the show, but the writers we commissioned were late. So we had to push the show back a year,” Don Rubell explained. “So remember that the next time your editor yells at you for being late. Sometimes, like this, disasters become miracles.”



  1. pgalvan says:

    This is a very interesting piece of art and for sure one of the first once. I think it’s interesting to have thought about all the settings for the celebration of the family’s latest collection. Next time writers make it on time, I am sure your bosses were not happy campers when they heard that you weren’t able to interview the artist.

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