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Blasblog From Miami: Marc And More Rally Against The R-Word


I’m just as guilty as anyone else on this point—it’s all I can think about, to be honest—but last night I joined several people in a conversational movement against talk of the R-word. It’s reached a point where the recession, the end of the art market, the burst of every bubble that ever formed, and the end of the world as we know it are the only topics of conversation here in Miami. And quite frankly, it’s depressing. “If another person asks me how my art is selling, with that little poor-baby look, I’m going to kick them in the face” was how one artist described his reaction to the ubiquitous inquiry. (Some questions you might also have: Was anyone crying at the fair? Were all the booths filled? Is there a palpable fear that nothing is moving? Answers: no, yes, kinda.) I can officially report that the recession has replaced Obamarama as the go-to topic of conversation. There is one loophole, much like with the weather and our President-Elect: It’s OK to use recession chatter as an icebreaker. So, if you’re going to even broach the topic to a contemporary art dealer, make like Barry Diller and be optimistic about it, or don’t mention it at all. Or else, expect a response like the one I got from Marc Jacobs, there with Rachel Zoe and a gaggle of dapper gents, last night at the Visionaire party. “Recession? Bleh!” he answered pithily, before spinning on his gladiator sandal, flipping his Scottish skort and marching off.

Photo: Billy Farrell/Patrick McMullan



  1. Valerio says:

    As you probably know designers or whatever artist is a little bit out of this world. Thats the reason why they can design the most fabulous dressess etc and make sculptures or paintings etc. We as ordinary journalists don’t really understand what they are doing. The reason or though behind a design or piece of art. Let it keep it this way so that every editor or jounalist can give his/hers (p)review about it. I disagree with you about a recession in art, especially where I live (Italy) and what the Italian art market concerns. The prices of some art work are still very high if it is a Rembrandt or a Warholl. Next year the prices will be down, but some experts said thats better then the extraordinary prices some clients are paying now for whatever pice of art. We have to realize that almost everything from art till fashion is overrated these days.

  2. Appollonia says:

    That skirt that Marc wears is so Axl Rose late 80′s early 90′s by the way. Blehhh…
    Art does go on forever. Poorness and grief often are very inspirational. Lots off pieces that does sell now for numbers the creator could have never dreamed about. As everybody knows.
    Lars Ulrich, the drummer of Metallica and art-collecter sold one off his Basquiats for $12,5million of late at London’s Sotheby he bought it for $5,million……

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