August 30 2014

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Blasblog: To Wait Or Not For Marc-Downs


There are few bigger gambles in the fashion world than an unadvertised Marc Jacobs collection sale. Should one get there first thing on the first day? Or should one wait till perhaps the second day? Maybe there won’t be as much merch, but at least the line won’t be that long. Well, when I rolled the fashion dice this weekend I lost big time. Big time! A friend told me about the two-day weekend sale last week. I decided that my strategy would be to let all the Marc-a-loonies get there on Saturday to duke it out for a Stam bag or an upside-down heel stiletto. But I certainly wouldn’t get into the first-day fray. Oh no, I’d wait until Sunday morning to make my pilgrimage down to pick through whatever discounted merchandise was left. Well, that was a bad move. The image here is the scene on Mercer Street at noon on Sunday, when the store opened its doors. (Looks like I wasn’t the only one attending services at the First United Church of MJ.) Since I’m not the sort to wait in line—for a club, a party, a sale—I minced right on by. And as I did, I gathered the best sample-sale bon mot ever: “What are they doing out there?” a confused tourist asked. “Giving out orgasms?”

Photo: Derek Blasberg



  1. RaffaellaSofia86 says:

    I guess on this subjct your best bet is to go on the first day and come early or who knows what will be lift!

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