August 21 2014

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Fluff Pieces On The Spring Catwalks


The current climate may have consumers reaching for the classic and unadorned, but a number of designers are making a case for fashion escapism come spring. September saw a flurry of marabou-trimmed frocks on the runways (click for slideshow). At his prehistoric-themed show, Christopher Kane played geometric leather skirts against fuzzy feather tunics. Francesco Scognamiglio and Koi Suwannagate both laid on the plumes for unique takes on the peplum waist. And for a grand evening—or a walk down the aisle—who wouldn’t dream of making an entrance in L’Wren Scott’s strapless siren gown with wispy train? Click here to see more Spring plumage.




Photo: Marcio Madeira




  1. mn_lady says:

    Who the hell would wear these things?

  2. laudanam says:

    I would i love it. xx

  3. ariharrisnyc says:

    the best feather skirt i saw this season was at MonAri 1962 fashion show. check it out.

  4. jacquieshambles says:

    I like it. It looks like a cloud.


  5. flofellis says:

    I wonder how many chickens she had to eat to make her dress? eat…oh I forgot models skip chicken sandwiches.

  6. dsharrell2011 says:

    u just want to be a model. These designs are very creative. They express internal feelings. Designers take a lot out of themselves to come up with this stuff. If u aren’t mature enough to appreciate that, u shouldn’t leave comments. -diamond (aspiring designer) 14, NC

  7. janellinbrown says:

    when this ‘creative’clothing looks ridiculous on the model,well who would it look good on? they appear to be an attempt to do something with leftover feathers.

  8. MarianaUraga says:

    i think this is a bold fashion statement, to which all fashion forward girls should wear, it’s simply adorable. It gives a statement without it been too tacky, when used correctly.

  9. Jesus_KrisT says:

    i agree with mn_lady!

    I mean would want to wear this!? And who could!? At what event? Daily life!?

    Yes some might like love or hate these garments but when it boils down its pointless no one could wear it.

    The reason for this is that fashion has moved on its not about the “shock factor” anymore as much as we all love it people like Mcqueen, Westwood and all the others, they are over as everything has been done (apparently) because all we want to do is the same thing as these designers over and over and get inspired by the same things in the same ways. St martins churns out these designers all taught the same ways every year thrown into the spotlight.

    Fashion has moved of from the shock tactics people simply want well made wearable clothes, these are the clothes that are selling and always have and will.

    Women dont always wanna be glamorous or pretty or stand out from the croud.

    im not sayin that Mcqueen, Galliano should all stop my god no!

    But to wrap up and conclude,

    Men and women want to wear clothes! Simply that! And i dont think a lot of what goes on in fashion complies to this! We only see statements that are on the runways on celebs or music videos, and not on the streets!

    To comment on what MarianaUraga had to say about being fashion forward, (not a personal attack!). Just because something is somewhat different doesnt by any means makes it new, genius or wearable, we all know we could point at the garments and state what we think of them and what they look like. We are even told its about monkeys!!!

    And how are we meant to be fashion forward as a nation when a force as big as St Martins pops out so many people all taught the same, all from the same books looking to past and museums, books etc working the same way. Its impossible to read one fashion journal without St Martins being mentioned and thats all they mention! (in my option, especially in the 2008 december fantasy issue!)

    Fashion is in the same state as the countries finances!

  10. castmembersonly says:

    This stuff is perfect for an Olympic opening ceremony where weird is synonymous with “creative”… or a possibly third grade art project…”Gee that’s um..nice honey”.

  11. Luxetiger73 says:

    This is a response to the comments left by “Jesus_KrisT”…..

    You should know that high fashion was first and foremost invented as a pleasure, to be enjoyed and to be used as a source of joy and self expression, whereas clothing in general (the type of clothes you think everyone wants to wear) is simply to be used for practical purposes.

    You can be sure that High Fashion Designers never set out to make something that will please everyone. If that were the case, then we as a society would not elevate them to the levels that we do. Think of all the current great designers, Nicolas Ghesquiere at Balenciaga, Alber Elbaz at Lanvin, PRADA and John Galliano at Dior – These designers are highly regarded and celebrated precisely because they do not suggest we all wear run of the mill, simple, straight forward clothes!

    Instead, they propose we wear outfits or pieces that makes us feel good, communicate a state of mind and both empower and look great on the individuals with the personalities and/or bodies to wear them. After all, those are the people who inspire great design: heroes, heroines and sources of, yes, FANTASY. These designers are not inspired by compliant people who just want to fit in. Perhaps, you should stop and think about why you like high fashion since you’re making comments on it. If you still feel the same, maybe you should think about checking out J.Crew, Banana Republic and all of those other hallmarks of “fitting in and looking “normal”.

    Those of us who spend our money on designer clothes do so because we enjoy the entire experience of feeling and looking good. You feel both dazzling and stand out. That is what high fashion is all about, at the end of the day, it has to make you feel effing amazing! BUT it is definitely not for everyone.


  12. Jesus_KrisT says:

    Dear LuxeTiger73

    I dont disagree with what you have to say but i dont think you have totally understood my point! i think you should re-read what i wrote.

    Dont get me wrong as i did already say i dont think people like Galliano and Mcqueen and all them should top or anything!

    But i just think what this collection is about is over! yes you might like it and wear it and think its ok to walk the streets looking like that way but if anything thats being the most conformist as your are seeing and being told what to wear going ourt and buying the “it” item for the season, when infact i but what i like when i like it if its in or out!! Just your paying alot more for it!!

    I love what alber elbaz is doing, he is making clothes that women want to wear and would love to wear and can wear!! I also like what christopher does but real people wont and dont wear those clothes and if you do then good on ya!!

    but i still dont think from what you said you will understand my point your too concerned with what the glossy pages have to say!

  13. kangababy says:

    This is fab…so mid century with a modern twist. Some of the most legendary women of fashion and cinema wore glorious caftans lined with maribou to not only red carpet events but to parties at home. No, you would not wear this to the grocery store, but to an event…wow. What a statement piece.

  14. Luxetiger73 says:

    Dear Jesus_KrisT,

    The only points I understand from your various comments are as follows:

    1- You think people just want to wear clothes. “Simply that”

    Guess what? People who spend money on high quality, well made, difficult to find, designer looks don’t just want clothes….We want extraordinary clothing and we don’t mind paying more for something special. In fact a big part of the allure is that you won’t see every other person coming in and out of the woodwork in your outfit :)

    2-You think St. Martins and England are the main focus in this piece.

    Let me fill you in: The top fashion designers right now are not all English and in fact are based in Paris, Milan and New York. That is why those are the most important cities to go see shows at during the collections.

    3- You think fashion is a democracy and should take its cues from what most people would want to wear.

    I cannot stress this point enough to you: HIGH FASHION is not designed with most people in mind but the individuals who actually love it and support it. I know this might all sound unappealing to you but keep in mind that designers working in the high fashion industry must strive to create beautiful, extraordinary collections and the idea that they should try to please the masses is totally at odds with High Fashion. Aren’t you tired of all the “new” designers whose collections are totally indistinguishable from one another? This is actually the direct result of young designers trying to be all things to all people.

    Lastly, you should now that I am not concerned with the glossies, what concerns me is sustaining the most creative designers in fashion. Talent such as Francesco Scognamiglio, Riccardo Tisci (Givenchy) and Giambattista Valli doesn’t grow on trees or at one school for that matter.


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