August 28 2014

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Prada’s (Alleged) Crimes of Fashion


Is it just us or does Prada’s new multi-model Spring 2009 ad campaign vaguely resemble an ultra-chic yet rowdy police lineup—without any overt markers like height lines and numbered placards, of course? Maybe it’s an overdose of Law & Order reruns and Richard Price novels, but seven girls, all similar in appearance, standing up against a wall feels vaguely criminal. Nonetheless, we’re sure that Nimue, Ymre, Sigrid, Giedre, Katrin, Toni, and Viktoriya are guilty of nothing, except for winning the genetic lottery and having names that make our spell check short-circuit. However, the Steven Meisel images, which are divided into deliciously tonal spreads of all beige, black, gold, and so on, do really make us want to go shopping. And for that, crime may very well be necessary. (Insert tasteless Bernie Madoff joke here.)

Photo: Courtesy of Prada



  1. jayizzo says:

    Does this remind anyone else of the S/S08 ads with Sasha? Where she was just repeated over and over in different outfits? If the thought was to save money by hiring a bunch of no-names, couldn’t we have had one big/middle size name and just used her over and over?

  2. TheTinaTangCrew says:

    That is interesting it does resemble a line up. That is what is so great about it, it is super edgy yet so chic at the same time. You dont see many police line ups dressed like this.

  3. ucjewelry says:

    It looks like glam girls cat fighting for Prada purses on Black Friday. lol

  4. flofellis says:

    they look high.

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