August 30 2014

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Recessionista: Swaim Hutson Travels In Time For $2.99


What: The Camera Bag app for the iPhone, a bargain at $2.99, provides eight artsy filters for the phone’s camera. They include the Helga, which adds a Holga-like desaturation and vignette border; the Lolo, which emulates the beloved classic Lomo camera; and a nostalgic sepia-toned one called 1974.

Why: Because you bought an iPhone, and now you might as well have some cheap fun. Says Obedient Sons designer Swaim Hutson, “I can instantly take [daughter] Lowe back to my childhood days. Depending on how Christina dresses her, I can make her look like a cross between David Lee Roth and an eighties hesher.” (That’s Lowe Hutson transported to 1974, pictured here.)

Where: On an iPhone App store near you.

Photo: Swaim Hutson

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