July 12 2014

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Stealing Harry Winston


Last night jewel thieves took off with somewhere between $60 and $80 million in knuckle-dusters, baubles, precious gems, and other diamond-heavy finery in a spectacular raid on Harry Winston in Paris. We’re sure Mr. Winston would disagree, but there’s something so romantic about a heist, don’t you think?

Well, looks like we were wrong all along about A-Rod and Madonna. According to the Yankee, they’re just friends! Totally our bad. Won’t happen again.

Photo: Lionel Bonaventure / AFP / Getty Images



  1. Valerio says:

    It’s even worser then the 80 million they came up with the news that it’s 85 million euro and thats 107 million US dollars. If it is romantic a heist, I doubt it, surely not for Mr. Winston and above all for the employees of the shop. They must had the shock of their lives and I’m sure this will influence their lives. I only can’t understand why it was so easy for the robbers to get in the store. It’s in the golden triangle in the centre of Paris with a few hundred meters away the store on Place Vendôme of Van Cleef & Arpels. You only get in there when you have an invitation. So I have a lot of questions about this heist, was there someone inside the store who helped the robbers? and that kind of things I mean.One thing is for sure, the robbers had no fear at all and managed to escape without leaving any trail. I think this will be continued in the press.