September 2 2014

styledotcom Want to know what's in our EIC's wardrobe? Of course you do. Dirk Standen on @thecoveteur:

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Strange but (Possibly) True: Christina Aguilera to Top Shop


Watch your back, Kate Moss. There could be a new Top Shop designer in town, and it’s…Christina Aguilera? Thankfully, she’s outgrown her leather chaps phase.

The New York Times suggests New Year’s resolutions for our favorite celebs. Brad’s millinery stash, Madonna’s biceps, and “the usual yawn-inducing drug or alcohol or sex addictions” take a hit.

If the fall of the house of Blass took you by surprise, brush up on your American fashion history with this handy interactive feature. There will be a test.

Photo: Samir Husain/Getty Images



  1. Valerio says:

    I’m really sorry to say but since when is Kate Moss a designer? just like all the other celebs they have a whole team of designers around them. And what is worse they copy the real designers like Mr. Lagerfeld, Valentino etc. But who cares what is Top Shop of Mr. Phillips (or what his name is?) a cheap retailing store, further nothing. In my view it has nothing to do with real fashion and certainly not with Haute Couture. About Bill Blass it’s a pity that the company couldn’t found a good successor, and NO it took me not by a surprise, it was wellknown in the industry that they had “some” problems. Thanks Alison for this report. Grazie and have a good year to come for you and others who write on the website. Love from Italy.

  2. flofellis says:

    Kate Moss, christina…blah, blah…whatever. They AREN’T designing they are “modeling” the campaigns to lead the sheep astray.

  3. disneyrollergirl says:

    Kind of agree with both the above comments….

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