September 1 2014

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String Theory, According To Annie Costello Brown


If you ask Annie Costello Brown, the fringe just happened. “I’m not a conceptual thinker,” she says. “I like to think with my hands, you know?” The Los Angeles-based jewelry designer explains: “I was playing with a piece of leather, and the impulse seized me to start cutting and cutting.” Et voila! Whatever her creative process may have been, Costello Brown’s fringe necklaces find the designer bang-on trend this season. “I love to look at the couture, the runways,” acknowledges Costello Brown, who launched her line three years ago as a sideline while working at accessories brand Billykirk. “But that fringe thing happened a couple years ago. I don’t want to say I was ahead of the curve. I mean, I was just doing my own thing.” She’s also right in step with this season’s statement-necklace trend. The designer has quite a selection of, as she puts it, “wearable statement” pieces in her expansive Spring collection. “I like bold, but not in a crazy way,” she says. “I feel like I get that with the necklaces, and now I can focus more on bracelets and earrings, and maybe other accessories too. We’ll see what comes.”

Photo: Courtesy of Annie Costello Brown



  1. Valerio says:

    I’m not a conceptual thinker too but if Annie Costello Brown is saying – I like bold, but not in a grazy way- I think she just hit the nail on the right place. Whatever then bold are these necklaces which are showed in the pic? I prefer more the style of Van Cleef & Arpels or of Cartier. The fine luxery jewelry line, the dress of a woman has to be the most important thing, jewelry is more an addition to what a woman wear. With these kind of necklaces you will only put the attention of the general public on the overwhelming necklaces and not on the dress or whatever. Is that bad? yes and no , what is your intention? to show the dress and jewelry or only the jewelry, and the dress or whatever is less important. In other words are you showing how fashionable and classic you are or only how much money have, with your jewelry. A woman dressed by Valentino, or Versace, Ralph Lauren etc actually don’t need an overwhelming amount of jewelry. The designs are a jewel of their own and jewelry can only accentued the perfect designs of whatever designer.

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