August 23 2014

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They Said It: Moments From The Accompanied Literary Society’s Art World Panel


Six panelists gathered at the Mondrian on Friday night to grapple with art world issues. The discussion, sponsored by Intermix, also celebrated the release of the book The Impossible Collection, a compendium of some of the world’s most sought-after art. A few choice highlights:

—”[It looks] a bit like ice cream in winter.” Author and collector Adam Lindemann on the high-priced art at Basel

—”Sorry, what was the question? I was ordering a drink.” Nate Lowman

—”Look at Botticelli. The thing that’s beautiful always wins.” Rachel Feinstein on the recession killing the ugly-art trend

—”I don’t think that any of that art is immune to the market.” Gallerist Mary Boone on trophy works

—”My former boss, Andy Warhol…bought jewelry and toys and real estate.” Interview‘s Glenn O’Brien on whether art lovers are art buyers.

Photo: Nick Hunt /

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