August 23 2014

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What Do Pina Bausch and Cartier Have In Common?


With first-world economies in a steep slide, India is becoming an increasingly important market for luxury companies. But lest we forget, it’s long been a place of inspiration for creative souls. Before the holidays, I caught the last Stateside performance of Pina Bausch’s Bamboo Blues at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, her new work rooted in many visits to the subcontinent over three decades. One of the show’s most striking elements are the delicate, jewel-toned, draped and pleated dresses by costume designer Marion Cito that subtly echo traditional Indian dress. In the audience I spotted a few of Bausch’s boldface fans: Rachel Weisz, low-key in a button-down oxford and jeans; and art stars Helen Marden and Alba and Francesco Clemente, the latter dapper as always in an impeccable wool overcoat and scarf. Fans of Bausch’s work need not fret if they missed the sold-out Brooklyn run, though they will have to be somewhat patient. Bamboo Blues will appear next in St. Petersburg in July. And if your appetite for Bausch’s unique brand of contemporary dance, performance art, theatre, and set design is still not satisfied, you can plan a visit to her Wuppertal Tanztheater in Wuppertal, Germany, where her company stages celebrated pieces from her multi-decade repertoire. It’s the kind of trip that makes sense these days, as cultural tourism seems more apropos than over-the-top luxurious getaways.

Photo: Richard Termine

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