August 28 2014

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Berlin Dispatch: Things Heat Up In Lala Land


The mothers of Berlin’s coolest girls should send thank-you notes to Lala Berlin designer Leyla Piedayesh for making warm woollies the most coveted item on the city’s fashion scene. In her very first catwalk show at Bebelplatz, Berlin Fashion Week’s main venue, Piedayesh sent models slinking down the runway in loosely woven sweaters worn with S&M-inspired stilettos, silk camisoles that slid coyly off shoulders, leather leggings and little dresses with Klimt-esque patterns. The Iranian-born designer played peekaboo with the completely sheer blue jumpsuit that she topped with a black blazer, lined in a matching fabric. Whether the model was warm enough remains unclear, but Berlin Fashion week is definitely hotter with Lala Berlin on the scene.



  1. Valerio says:

    You know Ana just before the real shows start (NYC, London, Milan and Paris) there are always a lot of what I call pre-shows. By coincedence I’m now at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week, and I saw just like you a lot of interesting collections. For example of Lisa Weinberg, or of Marlous Blaas which is inspired by the Dutch designer Monique van Heist. No nonsense and sober, that’s her collection, but will these designers ever wil make it to the big public I’m afraid no. All these local shows (sorry that I call them like that) are only there for the home market and not international. In the first place they don’t have the money to advertise their collection on a worldwide scale, second is that they are a little lesser then the real designers who make or made it. Is that bad, I think no, we need designers which are different from the big fashion houses, they also can inspire other people and sometimes I think even Mr. Lagerfeld or Galliano. Arriverderci

  2. KaramelKat says:

    I must agree with the previous post. Berlin fashion is definitely geared towards the local market. There just isn’t enough consideration, let alone money, for these designers to advertise. More importantly, I think it is truly lacking originality. To me, this look from LaLa looks done. Equal parts Rodarte last season and Ann Demeulemeester footwear for this season, with a Rick Owens top from everyseason. Are those leggings from The Row? If this is the best shot you are giving us of the Berlin shows, well then, I don’t know……..

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