August 29 2014

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Blasblog: In Defense Of The Rom-Com


I’m tired of defending myself. I’m just going to say it: I like a romantic comedy just as much as I like an independent, tear-jerking, complex drama. Last night’s premiere of Bride Wars was just the injection of bubbly sweetness—or “candy canes and bunny rabbits and tampons and pink and smiles and sundresses,” as Kristen Johnson described the genre— that I needed. The film, which stars Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, focuses on two best friends who become scheming archenemies when their weddings get booked on the same day at the Plaza Hotel. At a time of year where I feel like I’m getting slammed by the box office with serious humanity— Brad Pitt getting young while his girlie gets old; Clint Eastwood getting grumpy and then heroic; Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio doing something depressing in the fifties; Meryl Streep accusing Philip Seymour Hoffman of a crime that dare not speak its name; Mickey Rourke being scary and severe in spandex leggings—sometimes you just want to sit in a theater and watch pretty girls do stupid things. And that’s exactly what happens in this feature. Not that one of the producers, who just happens to be the star of the movie, isn’t concerned that I’m alone in my romantic comedy desire. “I’ve never been more nervous about an opening,” said Kate Hudson at a little after-after-party at the Rose Bar. “But that’s because I’ve never been more involved in a film. Five years of my life were spent on this bad boy. It wasn’t like they just gave me that producer credit. I earned it.” In my totally unwarranted cinematic opinion, I think she’ll be all right. That dog movie with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson has already been out for weeks, which is the only competition in the sweet family movie category. Hudson’s famously plucky attitude came in handy for bathroom breaks, which required the help of two friends and lots of zipper-hunting. But she picked her statuesque Oscar de la Renta gown because it reminded her of the Chrysler Building—and goddamn it, she was going to dress up in it even if everyone else was in jeans. Along with a strong rom-com upper, that’s the dose of optimism everyone in the fashion industry needs.

Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage



  1. ThomasHenny says:

    Derek apparently doesn’t have any balls.

  2. fashionvictimizer says:

    Ah, Derek, “watch pretty girls do stupid things”?? Explain, please? I don’t think you, with that dangling appendage and testosterone flowing through your veins, have the right the say this. Only the “girls” doing the “stupid things” have.

  3. jessiekthompson says:

    I think Derek does have balls, yet oddly, he is also one of the stupid girls, which entitles him to say just that. Well done, and well put, Mr. Blasberg

  4. davidanna says:

    Well, I just loved the review! As Derek said, ,,that’s the dose of optimism everyone in the fashion industry needs”. And not only in the fashion industry. I haven’t seen the flick yet, and I’m not even sure I would like it – I would rather watch ,,Doubt” and ,,The Wrestler”-but, you see, the ,,girls” who do ,,stupid things” will never admit that. It would be very nice if some of you wouldn’t be so rude when leaving a comment. It is, remember?

  5. mlfavata says:

    She looks gorgeous and I adore the dress. You can’t go wrong with Oscar De La Renta.

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