August 30 2014

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Bravo Rio: Two Stand-Out Debuts


São Paulo might be Brazil’s main fashion hub, but Rio has carved out a reputation as an incubator for emerging talent. Fashion Rio saw the debut of two labels with a sophisticated vision that runs counter to the stereotype of colorful, print-heavy Carioca style. Koolture’s heavy-metal- inspired evening gowns brought an unexpected edge to the idea of event dressing, and designer Daniela Conolly said she was inspired by “strong and creative personalities like Marie Antoinette, Madonna, and Stevie Nicks”—a fantastic group of gals if we’ve ever heard of one. (That’s a Koolture look, pictured at left.) Meanwhile, Filhas de Gaia’s collection was new wave meets New Look, sending out a series of elaborately worked minidresses with vintage Versace-esque appeal worn with flawless peroxide blond hair that deserves a special shout-out of its own. These two young talents show the same kind of promise that Alexandre Herchcovitch did many seasons ago. And their clothes are certainly something that international buyers should consider when seeking designers with something special to say that can draw customers back into stores.

Photo: Marcio Madeira



  1. Valerio says:

    My dear Sameer, I have my doubts if you compare Marie Antoinette and Madonna and of course Stevie Nicks on the same level. My opinion is that all what is/was showed in Rio de Janiero is stolen from the socalled new designers from deigners all over the world. Where is their creativity, a new look/style there’s nothing what’s new in their collections. I say it’s an old style with some new details, but not promising or renewing. Carlos Miele is the only one who can do that, the rest of whatever designer is copying the oldies like Mr. Lagerfeld, Valentino and also Coco Chanel. International buyers don’t even know that there is a show going on in Rio so what you expect from the average people? That they will come back in the (fashion) stores? It’s all the same not only here in Europe but above all in the States or south America. People take care of their money and the ones who have money will still buy at Versace, Prada and that kind of fashion houses. Brazilian fashion can be an eye opener, but remains still old fashion and out of the glamour Paris, Milan and New York City have. I’m always looking to shows like Rio or Hong Kong and even Shanghai, but it’s more a local event then an global event. Nevertheless the influences can de big on certain western designers, as you probably know. Greetings from Milano.

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