August 23 2014

styledotcom Three questions for a powerhouse player in Brazil's fashion scene:

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Calvin. Meisel. Envelope. Pushed.


Calvin Klein’s saucy (and banned) new Steven Meisel commercial sells jeans, flesh. Tops not available. WWD has the video. Make sure your boss isn’t around when you watch!

Put another point up for the tents. Narciso Rodriguez returns to Bryant Park . The move from West Chelsea is sweet music to the ears of editors now banned from using car services. The D to 42nd Street is only $2, ladies.

Fashion Politics: Obama keeps it casual. And by that we mean ties, mostly jackets, and no jeans. So, really not so much casual.

Facebook Politics: Is unfriending someone really as easy as clicking a button? Actually, yes.

Too good to be sure recession prices may be the wave of the future, because designers know we’re on to them and we won’t be tricked into buying overpriced luxury goods ever again. At least not for a year.



  1. Appollonia says:

    Calvin Klein and Steven Meisel and sex. What’s new? Yaaaaaaaaaaawn….

    I enjoyed your link to the New York Times about Obama’s breath of fresh air in you White House very much though. Thanks for that!