August 23 2014

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Coventry To Debut In New York


Fall 2009 is shaping up as a relatively lean season for fashion week debuts. But those who come to New York hot on the trail of the new can take comfort, at least, in Coventry. The year-old brand designed by Matthew Terry will put its collection on the catwalk on February 17, and anyone who wants to know the show’s location need only follow the nearly audible buzz. Terry, an alum of both Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren, has already won an enviable following for his luxe yet functional take on heritage sportswear. Accordingly, the time has come for him to show off his wares on the runway. “I was hesitant at first,” Terry admits. “You hear all this bad news about the economy and you think: Is this the right thing to do?” And beyond recession-induced fears, there is the basic stress of a New York debut. “It adds a ton of pressure,” he says. “I mean, you really have to be ready.” For the upcoming show, Terry will continue to play with dressage aesthetics, translating looks such as sleek riding pants into serious technical fabrics and using mélange Shetland tweeds in whole garment knits. “I’ve been working with Shima Seiki on creating pieces from their WholeGarment knitting machines,” explains Terry. “It’s an incredible technology. As opposed to cut and sew, it’s about creating [a piece] in 3-D with no seams. It allows you to make these knit pieces that hold shape the way wovens do.” WholeGarment construction comes with an eco bonus, too—there’s no fabric waste. “That’s not my emphasis,” says Terry, though he notes that nature was an inspiration to him this season. “Maybe it’s all the highland wools we’re using,” he says. “But I kept coming back to this idea of a woman out braving the wild, devil-may-care.”



  1. deesix says:

    Very happy for Matthew. He definitely deserves it.

  2. Valerio says:

    It’s a brave designer that he has the courage to come to the shows on Bryant Park and shows what he’s capable off especially because he mentioned it himself, all the bad news about the economy. I don’t know if I (personally) like his style just as you wrote Maya it’s an alum of Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren. I’m not fond of them either, but they design wonderful pieces. It’s only not my taste but I adore them for their creativity and the idea behind each collection. I hope Matthew Terry will succeed during the shows, because we need fresh blood in the industry. It’s kind of boring to see almost always the same designers and their collections. Arriverderci from Italy

  3. Wraithu says:

    I don’t understand what you are saying Valerio, especially since there is nothing but a sketch. How can you “not like his style” when there is no example of it? simply based on the premise of being an alum of Ralph & Donna? There are plenty of designers that have worked for other design houses that have nothing in common with said houses’ style or aesthetic.

  4. Valerio says:

    My dear Wraithu, yes it’s only one sketch, but did you see the collection of Ralph Lauren in S/S 2007 or 2008 his RTW collection I mean. Very similar to what Mr. Terry designed. Anyway you have right there are plenty of designers which not have the style of the house they are working for. Isn’t that beautiful? Yes because they create a whole new look of that house. Since this is not an forum, I keep my comments to you short, but love you anyway. Thanks for your comments.

  5. georginacookie says:

    looks too costumelike……..when will someone design something really fresh. I agree looks totally Ralph, really last century.

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