August 21 2014

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Designers Pile On The Bangles For Spring


Somewhere Nancy Cunard, the rebellious Jazz Age heiress famous for wearing armfuls of African bracelets, is smiling. “Bangles are making a comeback,” stylist Edward Enninful, who used them at Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s Spring show for Malo, told us. “The clothes were so urban, clean, and refined, we decided to pile bracelets on to give the collection a tribal edge.” Wilder still were the ornate leopard versions at Louis Vuitton, while pieced glass numbers added Arabian Nights sparkle to the Moorish lineup at 3.1 Phillip Lim. In her Christian Lacroix Couture review,’s Sarah Mower cited “chichi soubrettes, Belle Époque madames, [and] southern Mediterranean exotics” as inspirations, but the show’s colorful bangles are giving us Carmen Miranda. One thing’s for certain: These days accessorizing is all in the wrist. Click for a slideshow, then let us know if you’ll be adopting this trend.

Photo: Man Ray Trust / ADAGP—ARS / Telimage



  1. Sarah92 says:

    Excellent! I love my bangles, and it’s nice to know that they’ll be easy to buy since they are still on trend. :)

  2. chloehandbags says:

    I also love my bangles, but you say they’re making a comeback?

    I didn’t think they’d ever been away…

  3. Valerio says:

    One of the most wonderful things about fashion is that it’s repeating itself, so also the bangles or whatever jewelry will come back. Even the style of the thirties, also depression and recession time wil once again play a big role in the industry. It’s only up to the designers to make a modern design of all the old stuff, and I’m sure people will buy it again.

  4. arione says:

    bangels are hot but there hotter when u wear them with volume

  5. LizaM says:

    Yeah, that’s great. But not too much girls, otherwise nobody will see our beautiful hands.:)

  6. leopardlady says:

    I love wooden bangles with corals and mint julip green nail color. Fantastic!

  7. TheDealer says:

    I love bangles

    the more the merry

  8. kinha601 says:

    I love bangles and love your blog too. Visit me.

  9. cheweetina says:

    Fabulous Article!!
    I’ve been selling bangles for 3 years, it just shows that fashion keeps on repeating itself!

  10. Valerio says:

    I don’t wanna repeat myself, but as you say cheweetina and I did in a previous comment, yes fashion is repeating itself, okay with some newer or different details but the basics are still there. Fashion is made by the people who wear a piece of Lauren, Karan or Marc Jacobs mixed with an very simple T-shirt, jacket or whatever from any ‘cheap’ fashion or retailer store. Streetstyle is important not Haute Couture, which is only available for the rich. The average (fashion) girl in the streets of whatever city on this planet knows how to dress themself and a few are the real trendsetters, looking for a new fashion adventure and in my opinion looking for something that has be done years ago but decide that it’s time the style of a certain period have to come back, because they feel comfortable in it. The idea of a collection of any designer is always inspired by what he/she sees on the street in whatever country. So the costumers or clients wear what they actually self explored with their choice of wearing this or that piece of clothes. With bangles it’s the same, some hate them and some love it. If you feel yourself happy and confident with the clothes or jewelry or bangles I would say wear it and don’t let others influence your choice of style. Every person is unique, and in fashion that’s the main word. Arriverderci

  11. FSHNDVA25 says:

    I love my bangles… I never knew they went out of style.

  12. sayuritoo says:

    I love bangles and cuffs and wearing several together. When I found a scarf on this site I also bought one of their bangles-kind of an investment piece but I can wear it with everything. I’ve been drooling over their jewelry.

  13. TheDealer says:

    thankx kinha i love your blog too

  14. EmmaRoss says:

    i love my bangles i have never taken off. i only add to. wonderful!!

  15. salonska says:

    I love the new bangles. Thank goodness designers are excited about bangles with some substance.The more the merrier.

  16. ech0grrl says:

    i *love* bracelets and will for sure be mixing and matching my collection a TON this spring!


    I love bangles, too. I bought some really cute tribal bracelets from a vendor at the Silverlake vintage flea market in LA. She sells them online at
    Show her some love.

  18. ecmesser says:

    Bangles are fantastic! I esp. love my vintage bakelite.

  19. navare says:

    I will definitely be wearing colorful bangles this spring! I found a less expensive, silk-wrapped version at The more, the better!

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