August 22 2014

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Eastern Flock: Tokyo Hits New York


Dressing for success in the Working Girl sense of shoulder pads and bow blouses may have fallen out of favor. Power dressing, however, never really lost its cachet, according to G.V.G.V. designer MUG. Indeed, “power” was the first word that came to mind when describing her Spring 2009 collection, shown last night at the Altman Building. The designer presented alongside labels Matohu, Hidenobu Yasui, Tiny Dinosaur, and Ylang Ylang for Japan fashion week’s New York jaunt. Backstage post-show, MUG also revealed that her sharply tailored, body-con designs were an ode of sorts to the nineties as well as an homage to fave photographers Peter Lindbergh and Helmut Newton. Though we could totally imagine Linda, Naomi, et al. rocking G.V.G.V. back in the day, the label remains distinctly au courant, hence its presence at both the New York and L.A. branches of Opening Ceremony. Tokyo-based MUG’s first impression of the Howard Street store? “Amazing.” Through February 1, retail exhibitions featuring all of the labels shown will also be on display at Destination N.Y., Theory, Aloha Rag, and Tribeca Issey Miyake.



  1. ChanelUnderCover says:

    Any Working Girl looking for the future of ‘power dressing’ can expect to find edgy shapes mixed with sharp patterns and definite color bursts which peer into the dark, techno-filled world to come. The remarkable stylings of G.V.G.V. will allow our vanguard woman to still be able to loosely hold on to her inner simplicity

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