August 20 2014

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Good Bag Hunting


You can’t keep (the price of) a good bag down. At last night’s Hunting Season trunk show at Edon Manor, designers Danielle Corona, a Valentino alum, and her partner Jason Salstein, a former VBH-er, proved just that. Hunting Season specializes in bags so instantly classic it seems churlish to interrogate the designers about prices. (The ones pictured here range from $1530 for the weekender to $1995 for the python fan clutch, if you’re being a stickler about such pedestrian matters.) After all, has any precious fashion heirloom ever come cheap? Nevertheless, as trunk show attendees including Charlotte Ronson, Victoria Traina, Bonnie Morrison, Ferebee Bishop Taube, and budding stylist Sean Avery browsed Hunting Season’s Spring 2009 wares, Corona and Salstein took a cheerful swat at the (inevitable) recession questions. “We are getting more requests from stores for leather, as opposed to alligator or python,” admitted Salstein. “But on the other hand, the alligator and the other special skins are what they like to show off, and it sells. I mean, I guess that customer is still there.” Salstein pointed out that the Hunting Season bags are multitaskers. “That compact got pulled for a celebrity recently,” he said, “and she—I won’t say who—was saying it would make for a pretty good weapon, too.” Hunting season, indeed.



  1. onthebeat says:

    Love the python envelope clutch. It’s worth the money because you would have it forever.

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