August 27 2014

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How Do You Say Copycat In Italian?


Get briefed on a fitting inauguration day fashion scandal, courtesy of the men’s shows: Trousergate. Apparently there is room for only one pair of quilted trousers in Italy, and Giorgio Armani says he made them first. Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana (whose quilted Fall 2009 look is pictured here) feel otherwise.

In other trouser news: It’s apparently official that the (kind of still) new pant silhouette—the carrot, the peg leg, the dhoti, the banana—has taken Hollywood by storm.

Natalie Massenet is one of our fashion idols for surviving the dot-com bubble that burst quite messily over her former peers. (Remember We didn’t think so.) With impeccable timing, she’s launching an off-price site called, scheduled to go live sometime this spring.

Now that we’ve begun to add some color to the women’s magazines and runways, it’s time for the boys to catch up. And, file under Obvious: today couldn’t be a better one to start.

Joaquin Phoenix, who has sworn off acting, takes up rapping, and not just as a hobby. Sean Combs will be producing Phoenix’s debut album, which, judging from footage of this performance, may not be the wisest business venture.

You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. The Washington Post‘s Robin Givhan weighs in on Michelle Obama’s unique challenge of dressing to please a nation. Really puts your trouble getting dressed this morning into perspective.



  1. pink_lady1001 says:

    I cannot believe they are arguing over a pair of quilted trousers! Surely they are not exactly the same as each other!

    I love shopping online to find good deals and interesting garments. My favourite find recently is the “ex-lover boyfriend jeans” by Joes Jeans. I found this on my current favourite site not only for Joes Jeans in particular but loads of other fab designers!