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Jane Mayle Will Stay Just A Little Bit Longer


For at least a short while, we get more Mayle. Jane’s namesake line and boutique will stay open through April and offer a very limited limited collection.

The Ellen Show: Ellen Barkin’s new, vaguely familiar HBO show will be less warm-cuddly than a talk show, and more sexy-vindictive, like a telenovela.

Fabien Baron and Karl Templer must have something lined up in This Unstable Economy, otherwise their joint exit from Interview would be highly unadvised. Or just ballsy.

Page Six Magazine will continue to dole out the same trustworthy gossip, just less of it.

The Bank of England’s guidelines for their female employees’ wardrobes specify “no ankle chains,” which is disturbing, because it means someone actually wore one.

The Cut makes a good point: “Who needs the Super Bowl when you have couture?” Specifically, Jean Paul Gaultier doing this.

Uniqlo’s list of participants in its Designers Invitation Project is complete: Steven Alan (for women), Opening Ceremony (men), Shipley & Halmos (women), and Gilded Age (men). Prices stop at $79. Sweet fashion relief.

Photo: Eugene Gologursky/WireImage



  1. heidiofthemountains says:

    Strange Jane Mayle was just in Geneva last week with a collection of re-edits. Amazing!