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Melissa’s Newest Fantastic Plastic


When it comes to creative collaborations, Melissa, the Brazilian company that has elevated the plastic shoe to lofty heights many miles above the jelly, could give Marc Jacobs a run for his money. Each season the company commissions a creative type—from Vivienne Westwood to the Campana Brothers—to design a custom pair of shoes. Under the guidance of Brazilian power editor Erika Palomino, this season’s candidate is South African artist Esther Mahlangu, who customized Melissa’s elegant “Ultragirl” peep-toe flats in her trademark Ndebele tribal style of bold color and graphic lines. For the moment, the shoes are a limited-edition run that were gifted to tastemakers at SPFW. However, the brand may negotiate another line that will be available at retail. Until then, fans will have to scour eBay. (Though not for mine! I don’t wear size 5 women’s shoes, but I’ll be passing them on to a lucky small-footed friend.) As for the inspiring Mahlangu, though the African native is over 70 years old, she’s still active as ever. Next up, she’s the subject of a documentary currently in the works, directed by Palomino.



  1. laddielovesfashion says:

    Melissa Shoes are the best. Super cute, affordable and comfy! has a bunch on sale. Check them out.

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