August 23 2014

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Michelle Obama, Fashion Savior?


Is Michelle Obama the fashion industry’s one-woman stimulus package? Designers up and down Seventh Avenue (and the rest of us) are kinda, sorta hoping so.

In other pre-inaugural news: Feeling conflicted about how compulsively attached you are to your beloved mobile device of choice? Take solace. Barack Obama can’t live without his, either. Although, we suppose if you owned this phone, you might want to keep it very close at all times.

You know how never seem to have that perfect ostentatious yet simultaneously practical piece to wear to a muddy, hipster-filled music festival? Well, Tamara Mellon is answering your prayers with a croc-embossed Hunter for Jimmy Choo wellie. They’re a mere $395.

Thom Browne wanted to cast Italian air force cadets for his Pitti Immagine presentation next week. They declined. It’s not surprising. We’ve heard that Mediterranean military men find bare ankles highly improper.

Worry not: Valentino can still entertain Gwyneth on his yacht this summer. Today, the retired designer’s camp answered the Bernie Madoff did-he-or-didn’t-he question with a resounding no. Phew.



  1. gia0202 says:

    her outfit in this pic is otrocious. the fashion savior title is def. premptive, wistful thinking. the only bright point in this ensemble is the costume jewelry, clearly picked out by some edgy stylist. her shoes are homey. fashion saviors DO NOT wear homey shoes.

  2. mlfavata says:

    I love Michelle Obama’s style. She always looks so beautiful and elegant. I can’t wait to see what she will wear to the inaugural ball.

  3. deta says:

    Mrs Obama is a stunning female. Her height can take the volume of the outfit in the photo. Her style could bring the outfit to a classic look with simple gold pieces, and her hair in a classic bun. Her cheekbones are fantastic,as her eyes, and with her bone structure, she does not need to be flairboyant with too much “fuss,” her beauty is already there. Attractive, tall females can command attention with a classic style. I love her different approaches to style as a young mother, and the first female of this country.