August 28 2014

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Michelle Watch: Holy Isabel Toledo


Michelle Obama chose yet another New York name she’s worn before for this morning’s events. Mrs. Obama is currently wearing a lemon yellow tweed coat, cardigan, and dress from industry darling Isabel Toledo. (Memory jog: The soon-to-be first lady wore a fashion-forward black tunic and pants from Toledo for last summer’s New York fundraiser hosted by Anna Wintour and Calvin Klein.) The collarless knee-length coat and matching dress hews closely to the silhouette of yesterday’s camel and black Narciso Rodriguez look. But hey, if you know a shape works for you, we fully support sticking to it. On first glance, her choice displays a classic first lady conservatism, but we’ve learned by now that Mrs. Obama likes to add a subtle touch of edge through accessories—i.e., an Alaïa belt or a Tom Binns necklace—to spice things up. Here, however, that seems to be the slightly off-kilter addition of a pair of teal kitten-heeled Jimmy Choo pumps that don’t quite give us the shivers in the same way as the abovementioned extras. Though we suppose a Nicholas Kirkwood platform might not be appropriate for church and subsequent holding of the Lincoln bible.

Photo: Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images



  1. twinkle21 says:

    She looks absolutely beautiful..tres chic

  2. Presh says:

    i love these people!
    Michelle Obama is FIERCE!

  3. CityofAngels says:

    I think that the lemon yellow was a good choice for Michelle on this monumental day in history. She looked radiant as she became the first black First Lady the White House. The sparkly tweed was cheery and light, but still demure enough for an inaugural celebration. I’m honored to have such a classy, strong, and beautiful (and black!) women as our First Lady!

  4. mjordan says:

    I thought she looked superb.

  5. TheTinaTangCrew says:

    I love it! She’s always so well put together…very chic & sophisticated

  6. mlfavata says:

    I liked the Narciso Rodriguez outfit she wore to the Inauguration concert. But I thought she looked really pretty today. I also liked the bow on the cardigan she’s wearing. You can’t see it in the picture, but she tied it later on during the ceremony.

  7. tikilik says:

    I’m sorry to say that I’m not thrilled with Michelle’s dress. Lots of love to Isabel Toledo’s past work and all, but this looked like the slipcovers on the couch in my Polish grandma’s basement in Northeast Minneapolis.

  8. jegyzetfuzet says:

    The colour was nice , but the style was not chosen well, not to mention the coat was not warm for the weather and not practical at all./Open all in the front, the wind just blow it back all the time/
    I am not a conservative in style, but maybe traditional colours would make her more attractive, like red, navy blue, white.
    The girls looked “overmade” and old fashioned.

  9. jegyzetfuzet says:

    The first Lady could have worn a beautiful pashmina scaf over her coat, how come noboby have thought of that. She looked cold all the time and could not enjoy the ceremony and walk, since she had to pull her coat together with one hand. I felt it made her uncomfortable.
    Since the inauguration is in the winter, they should dress properly for the weather, or they will look as bad as they would wear fur in July.
    I am sorry, but I am not satisfied!
    She is lucky if she will not be sick by tomorrow!

  10. slevytsky says:

    Michelle Obama has been near flawless in the past days – she was simply stunning in the camel/black Narciso Rodrigez ensemble at the We Are One concert. Today’s choice, while lovely, seemed a bit too formal – and cold. But she wore it well and we all loved seeing her wear American fashion that wasn’t Oscar de la Renta or Carolina Herrera.

  11. DIMENSIONS says:

    With the temperature being what it was I expected her to wear a fur. Unfortunately she did not. She looked beautiful none the less. Now that ball dress . Well.

  12. girlyboots says:

    Her taste in clothes are cheap looking. Sorry people, she is a not a fashion statement and never will be.

  13. Fashionesta18 says:

    Say whatever you want about her choice of shoes, but I think they were very appropriate. She had to do a lot of walking and she needed support and the assurance she wouldn’t fall and embarrass herself and husband. Lets see you guys walk in heels all day and I’ll bet you it’ll be a different story.

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