August 20 2014

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Michelle Watch: Jason Wu Wins The Big Night


We just got word that Michelle Obama’s ivory, one-shoulder gown was made for her by young New York designer and CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist Jason Wu. The one-of-a-kind silk chiffon dress is embellished all over with Swarovski crystals, floaty bits of organza and silver thread embroidery and was custom made by Wu. According to WWD, the designer is just as surprised as we were. So what’s the verdict? It’s a lovely, fresh color for Mrs. Obama and the embellishment is quite pretty, but the full skirt could have been slightly more flattering and seemed to give her a little trouble while navigating a dance at the Home States Ball. Let us know what you think. Yea or nay?



  1. promenade says:

    I think a sheath in a bold color would have been a fantastic choice, but the First Lady looks lovely.

  2. genieblair says:

    I thought the dress was perfect for her. It fit her perfectly and the color was very complimenting. I thought it was a good choice. She looked beautiful.

  3. DIMENSIONS says:

    Dress was nice a bit to long and fussy. She seemed a little ackward at moments during the dances. Was hoping for Pinto.

  4. blackwell says:

    Awful, awful, awful!!! This should have been the most spectacular of spectacular and this is what she chose?? Does she have a stylist? If she does, they should be shot. This is by far the most disappointing choice of any first lady. SO UNFLATTERING!! Jason Wu is a great designer, but the absolute wrong choice for her.

  5. DeLynne says:

    I admire Michele Obama but Jill Biden has style. Mrs Obama dressed very matronly for the day and evening events, while Dr. Bide dressed young with american chic and style. I fear Mrs Obama will regret her choices when she sees the photographs.
    That being said God Bless America and the 1st family!!!

  6. jsilv1993 says:

    I think she looked truly fantastic. The one shoulder style looked great on her, and the color looked wonderful against her dark skin.

  7. strawberryflowers says:

    Unfortunately, the dress looks awkward on the First Lady. The single-shoulder strap has a very tarzan and jane appearance, while the bland color offers no vibrance for her skin tone. Bold sheaths have defiantely treated her better than today’s number.

  8. jg37 says:

    I love Jason Wu but I don’t like that dress on her. It is so unflattering and it makes her look heavy and she’s not. She has made some good fashion choices lately so I thought she would look her best tonight and I’m really disappointed.

  9. valdavid says:

    First and foremost: the skirt’s too long! The president looked like he was stepping on it and she was tripping while they were dancing. Better tailoring would’ve made the dress 10x better. I had my fingers crossed for a bold color and a more streamlined silhouette, but hey, she’s smiling and looks radiant.

  10. thriftstoredior says:

    All I have to say is: THANK GOD its not another Oscar De La Renta dress. I think it looks great on her, but most importantly she is supporting young American designers.

  11. fifichanel says:

    I really don’t think the gown was as god-awful as some say. It was a bit reminiscent in style to the inaugural gown Nancy Reagan wore with the single shoulder strap and white color. I think her pick of Jason Wu as a young and reasonable new designer for her gown says alot about her openness to what’s new and fresh. She could have easily fallen back on the ‘tried and true’ familiarity of Oscar de la Renta but she went for someone with similar style, fresher take, and someone who is relatively new. I applaud her style. Its not understated and not gaudy and ‘in-your-face’. My only concern was the length of the gown. THe train was bit longer than I expected and I kept thinking she would step on it when she and Mr. President had their first dance. Overall, she looked radiant!

  12. moreblack says:

    Nay. The dress just didn’t make it, especially in comparison to the many design illustrations submitted by well-known designers to WWD. Where was the color? Where was an emphasis on Michelle’s beautiful height, style and shape? It looked like a wedding gown, the neckline was awful, the skirt was a bag. Michelle has great taste – but it’s very rare for someone to be on such an international stage. She needs to hire a stylist at this point, who really knows the market, body types, and occasion dressing. The dress was AWFUL.

  13. bohoprep says:

    despite issues with the hem line, i think that the gown is fresh and elegant. the color is a classic choice. michelle looks vibrant!

  14. reneejantzen says:

    Nope I didn’t like First Lady’s dress! Wow! She looked like a cupcake or wedding cake,she looked thick in it. Not her style at all. And that train was way too long, she had trouble dancing in it!
    Her hair was flat and her face was shiny. Come on, First Lady take the advise of make-up artists and hair stlyists. Mrs. McCain should give you an example of what is polished and note worthy of a public figure.
    Perhaps I would have liked her dress better with her hair up in a twist and make-up refreshed. Come on Michelle, we are routing for you to set the stage with style, sophistication and renewed elegance!
    Take the advise of your advisors and your personal staff. We want you to look and be Fabulous!!!
    Study Jackie O, you could be alot like her!

  15. pcjean says:

    What a disappoinment. The dress seemed to cumbersome for Mrs. Obama – some minor alterations would have helped. Too wedding looking. What happened to the hair – surely something could have been done to freshen it up after the parade today. The color was great but the style was a flop.

  16. Louis_Philippe says:

    The gown should’ve been draped to her full figure and meant to dance with her and her president. It was way too heavy. They both stepped on it and she was tremendously uncomfortable. No Bergdorfs for Mr. Wu. Maybe Barney’s or something.

  17. ahjui1 says:

    Not flattering. Mrs Obama looks radiant on her own merits!

  18. oscarfan says:

    I would have liked it better if it had been strapless. A deeper or more vibrant color would have made it a homerun. But she looked great and I’m glad she showed off her toned arms. She is a great-looking woman. Congrats to Jason Wu.

  19. oscarfan says:

    PS I loved Mrs. Obama’s ensemble for the daytime events, but I agree Mrs. Biden’s gown was the best of all.

  20. menukjau says:

    I think she looks radiant, so hard to please everyone. I’m glad she’s letting new designers to show their talent in a world stage. Oh “Blackwell” that dress is definitely not the worst ever, such an exaggeration. Comfort is very important when you have to wear a dress for a long time. She can pull off anything including this dress, it would look horrible on other women. Give her a chance, I’m sure we’ll see spectacular fashion in the next 4 or even 8 years.

  21. stylevanniel says:

    The First Lady looks great – however she also appears to be “suffering for fashion”. Beautiful dress that reflects the “hope” and “dream-like” vision that Jason Wu hoped to convey – just heard his call-in interview with CNN however the dress has proven impractical for the ‘first dance’ at each of the inaugural balls presenting the ‘first couple’ with their challenge of the evening – how not to trip or step upon the dress! As the President’s own transition team adjusts to their new life in the White House, the support staff to the First Lady will have some things to learn too e.g. how her clothes photograph (colors/patterns), fit and needed enhancements to her clothes e.g. dress hem weights, hem loops, etc. I love the attention our new First Lady is bestowing upon new designers and those less mainstream and her mix of pieces with the more accessible and affordable outlets e.g. J. Crew.

  22. mlfavata says:

    She looked lovely as usual and they are quite the beautiful couple. But I have to be honest, I didn’t love it. It was a little too flouncy for me and I would have liked a more striking color.

    My favorite outfit was the black / camel Narciso Rodriguez one she wore to the Inauguration concert. Beautiful.


  23. janejane1187 says:

    oh goodness. let’s not be critical, it was absolutely gorgeous on her, without a doubt. the choice of the young and up and coming Jason Wu was fabulous and bold, and the dress itself was fresh, pretty, and flattering. we have a right to be critical and have a free flow of ideas, but come on. why the negativity? it was so inspiring to see barack and michelle on the dance floor together, and such an amazing moment in u.s. history.

  24. thuthu says:

    I think its understated glamour. Love it ..

  25. lbleon says:

    I was very disappointed in Mrs. Obama’s choice of gown. It looked like something Maria from West Side Story might have worn. Overall, I thought both her Inaugural Day looks missed the mark. While I applaud her color choice for day, I thought that the Isabel Toledo (a fave designer of mine!) sheath didn’t flatter her body, and I thought that the embellishments topped with the diamond “grill” brooch were too church tea party.

  26. Fashionesta18 says:

    Nay! I thought it looked horrible! I don’t care how many embroided Swarvoski crystals were in it. I thought they could have chosen a better gown. Maybe someone a bit more firm in the fashion industry like Valentino.

  27. donnad1 says:

    I thought she looked beautiful. I loved that she picked Jason Wu. She clearly is setting a tone that we need to support our young and independent designers. She should be celebrated for her fashion choices!

  28. blywdmom says:

    This was not a well thought out choice. It made Michelle Obama look like she was slouching and did nothing for her figure with too much fabric bunched around her waist and hips. Then there were all those organza “pompoms” more suited to a 20 something… And why the train when they were going to be dancing all night? It’s really too bad because she could have been stunning. I think she needs a new stylist! Jill Biden’s gown was stunning, the color was gorgeous, the fabric floated!

  29. madame_o says:

    Michelle looked radiant, lovely, fresh and lively —At first I didn’t like the gown as I thought it was a shade of banana….but once I saw it was white and how she moved in it I thought it a very refreshing look for an inaugural gown. (Go back and watch her and President Obama dancing and she is just beautiful)….Also, I rather liked the way she worked her train….something very real in her mannerisms in it. She looked lovely as if in a fairytale and yet she was very practical about handly the train. Also for the inagural dress and coat —it was beatiful and almost regal but she made it fresh with olive gloves and teal shows….an unexpected twist that is fresh and happy and new for a 1st lady. Michelle looks great in ANYTHING she wears and I applaud her style!

  30. harperganesvoort says:

    Not entirely sure. I’m familiar with Jason Wu from his designer-doll days, and he’s very good; but this gown, for some reason, has me scratching my head.

  31. eschiff says:

    beautiful, contemporary dress, but not the most telegenic…

  32. zephr48 says:

    I didn’t think the dress was very flattering to her.

  33. Voodoo_Couture says:

    I love how the first Lady is a supporter of Young designers giving them the opportunity to internationally express their talents; however, I would definitely put color on her. Moreover, this is her wedding day as the Obama’s will be married to Our Country for at least the next 4 years. Well done Wu!!

  34. jessicathecat says:

    I agree, it was distracting to watch her keep tugging at the back of the dress, and it must have been even more distracting for her. Otherwise it was lovely.

  35. oknjd says:

    The first lady’s dress was too girlish with little flowers. The over the shoulder strap was teenage looking and the train was in the way of every dance. This dress emphasized her small breasts. She would have looked best in Robin Roberts’ dress which was easy on the eye and a bit understated, but beautiful.

  36. valladao65 says:

    She can look so nice at times, this was a disaster.
    The consensus around the house was it looked like used tissues attached to the dress.
    It got named “the snog rag dress” by my less than pleasant friends.

  37. slevytsky says:

    The choice of this Jason Wu prom gown is just puzzling. Where is the sleek, sophisticated, regal column of a stunner that Michelle should have been wearing? On Vera Wang’s drawing board? In Donna Karan’s showroom? This was really a no-brainer that somehow went way wrong. But she looked fabulous nonetheless.

  38. mercuryloge says:

    the wu dress (with great respect) is neither very distinctive or bold – why not just go with dior and be done with it – mr. galliano’s american isn’t he? – support our young designers ! – too bad none of the long dresses in mr. thakoon’s spring 09 collection were nearly as exciting as his shorter outfits – i thought the toledo dress was beautiful, and quietly distinctive and contemporary – >:)

  39. mercuryloge says:

    p.s. i take that back in part – the strap on the wu dress (i.e. neckline) is fairly distinctive and bold – i have to agree about the tarzan comment but it still looks fine on the great mrs. o

  40. WordRider says:

    EXCELLENT dress by Jason Wu on First Lady Michelle Obama CONGRATULATIONS

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