August 30 2014

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Move Over Michelle? Not So Fast


In D.C. this weekend, the Mall and Balls didn’t have a complete monopoly on the action. Shutterbug Elizabeth Lippman snapped young Washington at hot spots like the Black Cat, Saint Ex, and L2 looking not unlike, well, wannabe Williamsburg hipsters, with an Upper East Sider or two in the mix. “It seemed every girl in town dragged out her nanna’s old fur to wear as their fancy-dress favorite, with varying degrees of success,” she said. Hey, if they kept themselves warm in the frigid conditions, that’s success enough. When it comes to Beltway fashion, after all, it’s all about the Obamas.

Photo: Elizabeth Lippman



  1. Jfenton says:

    As a former New Yorker, who has lived in Washington for 7 years I find the this article rude, inaccurate, and peppered with jealousy. I am left to wonder why mocking one trend observed during the inaugration justified referring to young Washingtonians as ‘wannabes’ and not stylish representatives of DC. Maybe Vogue has forgot the recent feature they did on furs. It appears to me that that Ms. Lippman saw and photographed plenty of style in the nation’s capital that showed Washington is clearly replacing New York as the It town. (As mentioned in your own New York Times.) Sorry New York – jealousy does not become you and is clearly “not fashionable.”

  2. vnguyenlong says:

    Elizabeth Lippman’s assessment of D.C. fashion during the Inauguration could not be any more spot on. People in D.C. this past week were trying so hard to keep up with the Joneses of NYC and L.A. that were in town. It was all me-too at best. The most fashionable people I saw the entire weekend were all imported. While Vogue may have done a recent piece on fur, Lippman wasn’t referring to the fashionable nature of fur, she was referring to its execution, which is everything. Indeed, the pictures above represent execution with “varying degrees of success”. Being a D.C. native who has lived in L.A. and Atlanta and spends half of my time in NYC, D.C. fashion continues to frustrate me as there is little attention to execution. Just because it says “Gucci” doesn’t mean it’s fresh and similarly, just because it’s fur doesn’t mean you should wear it. Perhaps D.C. is the “it” town of the moment, but it’s for many, many reasons other than fashion. Keeping my fingers crossed that the new Administration brings with it more progressive minded creatives who no doubt will ultimately improve D.C.’s sense of fashion and once and for all eradicate tasseled shoes, cable-knit sweaters, and Ed Hardy.

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