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Recessionista: The Laptop Yoga Retreat


What: The good people behind website Yoga Today, based in scenic Jackson Hole, offer a new one-hour yoga class every day at a very nice price: free. This week’s innovative offerings include “Yoga for Skiers and Snowboarders” and “A Connection Between Star Wars and Yoga.” However, I’ve got my eye on “Energizing the Body, Relieving Fatigue.” The Grand Tetons soaring majestically in the background are a nice touch.

Why: Because since having my first baby in April, my two-times-a-week yoga practice has been all but obliterated. It’s been five months since I’ve stepped foot in a studio.

Where: At, streaming on my laptop every Saturday morning when the babe and his daddy are at swimming lessons.

Photo: Courtesy of Yoga Today



  1. squeakme says: also has free podcast yoga, it’s not a themed class but it’s a great 60 minute vinyasa flow.

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