August 31 2014

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Sao Paulo’s Reality Show


While the rest of the fashion world is reeling, the mood here in Brazil isn’t quite as fearful. Thanks to a robust domestic market, which accounts for around 97 percent of apparel sales, and high government taxes on imported brands, the Brazilian fashion industry has been able to offset some of the impact of contracting credit markets and weaker currency. At SPFW, the sponsoring organizations are hosting 130 journalists from around the world, an enormous increase over past seasons. Yet at the same time, most designers seem to be aware that things won’t continue in this expansive vein. They’re staging smaller shows on spare sets with mostly somber clothes. Ronaldo Fraga found an innovative way to cut back on costs, casting his show with senior citizens and young kids, the kind of models who are willing to wake up for less than $10,000 a day. Forget about fringe or futurism, the biggest trend to emerge from SPFW is reality.

Photo: Agencia Fotosite



  1. sweetpamplemousse says:

    I think this is great! Showing real people!

  2. Valerio says:

    Hi Sameer, it was a good move of Mr. Fraga showing real people, but I doubt that we here in Europe are ready for this kind of performance. We are still focused on glamour and an exhibition/performance of the best models in this industry. They are the professionals, know how to walk, to behave themself on a runway. Okay real people are more natural in showing the peices, it could be your best friend or someone who lifes in the neighborhood who is showing the dress or whatever of an designer. So you can compare yourself with that person, with a professional model it’s a little difficult. Designers have to show their collection on the most outstanding way and the best way to do that is by professional models. But sometimes it’s refreshing to see ‘normal or real’ people walking the catwalk. Thanks for this posting.

  3. VeronicaFashion says:

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  4. flormarquez says:

    If those clothes fit that well in old people and kids..just imagine how great must be in professional models.

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