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Urban’s Designer Collaborations: Fully Outfitted


Urban Outfitters is at it again. Continuing in its quest to become the tightwad’s answer to Barneys Co-Op, the retailer is set to launch several new designer collections this spring, among them GUAM from jewelry designer Brian Crumley, Dark Matter by Knox bags, and an as-yet-unnamed range of hats by Eugenia Kim. Coming to an Urban near you even sooner than that is Mirror/Dash, designed by Sonic Youth icon Kim Gordon in collaboration with Jeffrey Monteiro and Melinda Wansbrough. The Mirror/Dash pieces include a dot-print wrap dress and cropped double-breasted blazer, and as of now, the store has the exclusive on the previously limited-edition line. Gordon will also be setting up shop at the company’s L.A. pop-up shop, called 15 Twenty, in April. And that’s not all. The first deliveries from Cool Casual, Slow and Steady Wins the Race’s new collection for UO, will also be arriving this month. “The idea is, eight items for $88,” explains Slow and Steady designer Mary Ping. “There are a couple of leather pieces that have to go for more—but that’s still a pretty amazing bargain.” One of the premium items is a leather pocket tee, but the Cool Casual harem-style twills and boatneck dress (pictured here) clock in well below the taxman’s radar, at least in New York City. “I’m taking over the L.A. pop-up in May,” notes Ping. “We’re all crossing our fingers that the bags and shoes will be ready by then.” Given that one of the Cool Casual shoes Ping designed riff on her sold-out Slow and Steady canvas wedges, tightwads everywhere ought to cross their fingers, too.



  1. zojean says:

    ahh I love Mary Ping!
    she is so sweet.

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